OPEN THREAD - Astrubal Cabrerra


Yeah I know...

Cabrerra said we could go piss up a ladder... Or something like that... when he was released and looking to come home.

In the short run, it seemed to cost us this past Sunday.


1. Do you believe we were dead to him for a resign?

2. Or, if you didn't, should we hve gone after him and how much $$$ should we have thown at him?


Mike Freire said...

Sounded like he was bitter about some things and would sign a contract with Cuba, before he came back to the Mets (I am kidding, mostly).

That's fine......despite his play this past weekend, he was released for a very good reason, IMO (he is past his prime).

I would rather have Davis playing regularly and I like the Panik addition (he actually plays defense).

Rob said...

Cabrerra said that the Mets were the first team to call him, the Nationals were the second. I don't believe that the Mets could offer any more money, because he already had a contract for this year. Bottom line, he did not want to play for the Mets at this time.

John From Albany said...


Answer #1. Cabrera can hit. Case closed. However, he no longer has the range he previously had. With Cano, McNeil, Frazier, and Davis on the roster when he was looking for job in the winter, there was really no place for him at that time. The Mets could use him over Joe Panik now but last winter there was no fit.

Tom Brennan said...

I would have preferred him over Panik, but I guess he preferred the Nats to the Mets.

Tony said...

I think Panik is the right choice, he plays good defense

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