$24,882,572,662, again with the Benjie, 2006 Mets, Oscar Melendez... and Matias Carrillo



•For the 10-year period (1999-2008), four clubs had total end of year (EOY) payroll of over a billion dollars (Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, and Dodgers). When adding in the 2009 EOY salary, two more clubs join the "billion dollar club" ranks (Cubs and Braves).

•At nearly $1.9 billion in total player payroll spending over the last 11 years, the Yankees will go over $2 billion in player payroll spending for a 12 year period at the end of 2010 season.

•The Yankees, the number one ranked club in spending over the last 11 years, has spent over 44 percent more than the number two top spender, the Red Sox.

•The Yankees have spent 465 percent more over the same period of time as the Florida Marlins, the lowest ranked club in total player payroll spending over the last 11 years.

•Clubs that moved up in ranking from the ten-year period last year (Cubs, Phillies, Astros, Tigers, Brewers).

•Clubs that moved down in ranking from the ten-year period last year (Braves, Giants, Rangers, Diamondbacks, Orioles, Athletics).

•The biggest swing in rankings from the 10-year period to the 11-year period goes to the Phillies (up from 13 to 10) and the Rangers (down 10 to 13)

•The club that sits in the middle of the high and low spenders (15th of 30) over the 11 year period is the Arizona Diamondbacks.

•The percentage of difference between the #1 ranked spender on player payroll (the Yankees) and the middle ranked club (the Diamondbacks at 15) is 222 percent.

•Finally, the total amount spent by the 30 clubs from 1999 to 2009 was nearly $25 billion ($24,882,572,662)

Benji Molina:
The Mets have a major void behind Johan Santana in the rotation, but they're talking out of both sides of their mouth by saying the payroll lacks room for a John Lackey, who signed with Boston, or Halladay. They were close to a three-year deal on right-handed pitcher Jason Marquis, but health concerns led them to rethink that pursuit and now the most likely target is Joel Pineiro.

In the next breath, however, the Mets indicate they will open the checkbook, taking the lead in the bidding for Bay and catcher Bengie Molina, who they hope will help them regain control of a clubhouse gone bad. -

Top 10 Worst Teams in the 2000s:
The 2006 Mets had the best record in the National League by nine games and found themselves matched in the NLCS against a St Louis team they outpaced by 14 victories.

But the franchise's first Series trip since 2000 wasn't in the, uh, Cards. The Mets ran into a Jeff Weaver-Jeff Suppan duo that improbably caught fire and Endy Chavez's unreal catch was made a mere footnote by Yadier Molina's two-run blast in the ninth inning of Game 7. Given all that has since transpired in Queens, this one stings even more than originally expected. - yahoo 

Oscar Melendez:

The Mets cut minor league P Oscar Melendez.

Matias Carrillio:

Mazatlan 12, Mexicali 3 - Former Major Leaguer Miguel Ojeda drove in a season-high five runs as the Venados routed the Aguilas in the lone game Christmas night. Ojeda smacked a grand slam, his sixth homer of the season, in the second inning and walked in a run in the eighth.

Roman Pena had two hits (Indians) and is hitting .332 in Mexico and Matias Carrillo (Mets) tossed a scoreless inning for Mexicali


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