Mack: Last Thoughts on Bay, More on benji, SP2

Aunt Georgina and Uncle Lenny are going at it in the living room...

And I thnik my wife just told her Mom to go suck an egg...

Some more I'm thinking...

1. Let's not spend any time wondering if some other FA outfielder would have been a better sign than Bay. Moot point. Bay's a Met and if he can't do it, no one can...

2. Let's make sure Angel Pagan is being paid more tan he was being paid in Chicago. He's a good guy and loves being a Met. And, he worked his arse off last year for the mash unit.

3.  Let's find a nice home for Nick Evans. Nick is a really, really, nice guy, and would love to stay a Met, but more importantly, he deserves a chance to play baseball everyday, something he isn't going to get in Queens.  Trade him to a small market for a PTBNL and wish him well.

4. Get the Benji deal done tonight. Two years, who cares how much money. He'll start in 2010 and backup Josh Thole in 2011. It's a great move in a bad market for a catcher.

5. Get some rest tonight.

6. Tomorrow, start the SP2 hunt again.

7. Get Ben Sheets agent on the phone and hit the ball over the net.

8. Call Piniero's agent and see if they are ready to hit the ball back.

9. Get the agent of that Cuban dude on the phone... don't need a translator... and throw some more pesos on the fire.

10. Shut the hot stove down.


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