Kazmir, Great Met Book, Niese.. and Phillip Humber


Scott Kazmir

When the New York Mets dealt away prized prospect Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano on July 30, 2004, it quickly became known as Black Friday to Mets fans. It caused an explosion of anger from a long-suffering Mets fanbase that believed that the fireballing youngster was integral to “The Plan”, the organization’s code word for fixing a broken franchise. The Shea Faithful felt ambushed, lied to, and convinced that the organization was in shambles. They were correct.

This past Monday has had a big effect on the fan base as well, and has been labeled “Black Monday”, because this time, Mets didn’t make any trades. Instead they watched as their main rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies, made a blockbuster that allowed them to acquire Roy Halladay. Compounding things was Boston signing free agent starter John Lackey, who many believed was the Mets’ only realistic — and best — solution to fill the vacant No. 2 spot in their starting rotation. This time, the major emotion isn’t rage, it’s apathy - baseballdigest 

Great Book:

Now I know there are some of you who also remember that year as vividly as I do and would love to relive that season and then there are a good number of you who wish you could find out more of what it was like that season. That’s why the book The Miracle Has Landed is an essential book to add to your Mets and baseball book collection.

Matthew Silverman and Ken Samelson have done a fabulous job of getting a collection of writers together to compile essay’s on the players of the ’69 Mets, the front office, the broadcasters, the owner (bow your heads) Mrs. Joan Payson and Manager Gil Hodges and his coaching staff (Where have you gone Rube Walker ? Mets pitchers turn their lonely pitching arms to you) and my favorite chapter on Mets scout Red Murff, who should be in the Mets Hall of Fame (if they ever build one) Murff was the scout who signed Jerry Koosman, Jerry Grote, Ken Boswell and a kid out of Alvin Texas named Nolan Ryan (to name a few)  - 

-Mack: Great book. Great team. Great time.

Jon Niese:

Jon Niese said he is on schedule with his recovery from hamstring tendon surgery and expects to be full speed by the start of spring training. amazin avenue

Mack: More good news. Ya know, if you look at this past week with a half-full glass, the Mets did sort of “sign” two wonderful… healthy… players… Niese and Reyes.

Phillip Humber:

Seriously though, I thought Humber had a good mechanics, a nice repertoire of pitches (including a plus curveball), and solid command, but might not have the right personality for New York. The more laid-back Minnesota seemed to be a perfect fit for the quiet Texan. But he’s been very hittable for the past two years while toiling for the Rochester Red Wings, allowing 280 hits and 36 homeruns in 256 innings. His curve remains big-league caliber, but he tends to spot the fastball too high in the zone. It’s surprising that he hasn’t been able to get more sink on the fastball. Though it’s been a tough go for Humber, his career isn’t yet over. He’ll turn 27 next week, and there’s still time for him to “figure it out”. Maybe it’ll happen in Kansas City -
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Mack:  Bah, Humber...


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