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Taking a break from the Corleones...

1. The first thing I like about Jason is the fact that he once was a Met. Not drafted, but traded for, and sold around six months later... but still... he has worn the uniform.

2. Yes, the money has to be there, but intelligent, successfull professional baseball players let their agent work out the bucks, and the tie-breaker is always having no objection to the team, or the organization. Make no doubt about it... Jason Bay is an intelligent, successfull professional ball player.

3.  Forget the Beirut quote. That's either "you can't believe everything you hear or read" or it's agent babble.

4. The Mets are in the driver's seat now in the outfield. They don't have to extend Beltran's contract if they don't want to, nor do they have to sign Frenchy to a multi-year... Though injury prone, the Mets still own one of the top outfield prospects in Baseball, F-Mart, and everyone has to play their arse off to keep their job.

5. If Beltran stumbles, F-Mart takes over center.

6. If Frenchy stumples. it's F-Mart, Bay and Carlos.

7. Angel Pagan is screwed, but Nick Evans is toast.

8. The Mets still have two more OF prospects ready for 2011, Kirk Nieuwenhaus and Carlos Guzman.

9. The outfield is done good.

10. On to SP2...



royhobbs7 said...

Yes, sign a #2 SP, and then move in the fences.

Mack said...

and lower the walls...

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