Future of Mets FAs, Wang, Nomo... and Megdal

Future Of Mets FA’s:

The Mets believe they are still an attractive team to free agents. But they may have to reconsider and evaluate whether they have become one of those teams that has to overpay to get their man. The luster of a new park wore off quickly last season as injuries mounted and the team fell apart. The clubhouse has a reputation within the game as a collection of self-entities rather than a close group. The organizational disarray, and uncertainty about the future of the manager and front office, is no secret. And the Mets are not just clearly behind the Phillies in the NL East, it's also not hard to argue they trail the Braves and Marlins as well. Perhaps the Mets see a lack of media reports on competition for Bay and/or Holliday and figure they need to let the players come to them. But that would be a miscalculation


Chien Ming Wang:

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, Chien-Ming Wang is garnering quite a big of interest in the free agent market (at least 15 teams have expressed interest according to his agent) and the Yankees are ready to match any offer out there.


Hideo Nomo:

The first hypothetical transaction I came up with that actually came to fruition. I remember listening to WFAN and hearing about the struggles of Nomo, who just three seasons before was rookie of the year, fourth in the Cy Young, and led the NL in strikeouts. The Mets had a struggling pitcher of their own in Dave Mlicki. Why not swap a problem for a problem? That is what GM Steve Phillips did in June of 1998. Nomo had a few good games, but struggled down the stretch and was removed from the rotation. He threw two no hitters in his career, one in each league, no surprise that neither were with the Mets.


Howard Megdal:

For anyone who thinks the Mets will somehow be irrelevant if they fail to make a huge splash, or that fans will revolt, think again. The Mets, if their star players recover, will be relevant for years to come -- David Wright turned 27 Sunday, and Jose Reyes won't be 27 until June 2010. And fans will be far happier when the true contracts worth signing up for hit the market. Be it Carl Crawford or Felix Hernandez, or someone not even on the radar, fans will be far happier if the team can go out and compete for that star, in-prime player, instead of trying to sell fans on Year 2 of the Bengie Molina Era.



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