Ollie, Trade Johan, Winning Now... and God Bless America


Oliver Perez:

Of course 90% of the game is pitching. I would love for the Mets to nail a legitimate number 2 starter. The starting pitching is a huge question mark. With Johan Santana we know what we got, but will John Maine be healthy? Will Pelfrey suffer a nervous breakdown on the mound? Will Ollie Perez be okay, and try to prove the Met fans are wrong about him? Is Jon Niese major league ready (yes)? These are the huge questions, but if things go the Mets way (a complete reversal from 2009), you can expect to see great things next year.-
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Johan Santana:
By all accounts, the Mets are getting closer to wrapping their long, desperate tentacles around Jason Bay, but they’re keeping their options open in case he bolts to the mystery team that’s (supposedly) offering a five-year deal. Plan B is Matt Holliday, who’s probably using the Mets to scare up the Cardinals, his first choice all along. Plan C? Here’s a suggestion: ask if anyone’s interested in Johan Santana. Of course, the Wilpon family will do no such thing. They invested $137.5 million in the great lefthander and aren’t about to admit failure. But the current Mets core is beginning Year 5 of a golden era that wasn’t and considering how poorly Omar Minaya has done this winter, the drought isn’t about to end.

Mack: don't kill the messenger...

Winning Now:

Why shouldn't the Mets try to win now? Has everyone forgotten that this team won 89 games only a year ago? If everyone comes back healthy, the Mets still need a cleanup hitter to replace Carlos Delgado. And signing Bay helps the Mets not just now, but for the next few years, unlike Omar Minaya's signing of Moises Alou. Just because the Phillies are clearly better on paper does not mean that the Mets should go into rebuilding mode, as Klapisch wants them to do. Does Klapisch want the Mets to become the Indians? How has trading CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee worked out for them? While it is too early to judge the prospects acquired in those deals, it is not too early to say that the Indians stink now and are likely to continue to stink for the next few seasons - subwaysquawkers

-sounds fine... now all they need is a leader

God Bless America:

When I hear ”God Bless America” during a ballgame it reminds me of those who continue to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can continue to live the American Dream. I imagine that during those rare instances when our soldiers can actually watch a game, that something stirs inside of them whenever they see thousands of their fellow Americans standing in their honor. It must make them feel so good inside to know that they are still in our thoughts and prayers and that their country has not forgotten them. For that reason alone we must continue this tradition. It’s the least we can do for them after all they have done and continue to do for us. As long as this country is at war to protect our freedom, and the freedom of countries that are too weak to defend themselves against evil and tyranny, we should continue this thoughtful token of our appreciation for the greatest military in the world. -


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