No Mas Bay, Joel Piniero, Heyman's HOF ballot, Raul Casanova... and another cool Tom Seaver card


No Mas Bay:

On behalf of Omar Minaya and the New York Mets, the MetsToday.com blog has officially pulled the 4-year, $60M contract offer to Jason Bay off the table. After plenty of time and careful consideration, we Mets fans have determined that Mr. Bay’s inadequacies are too much to bear and that his positive attributes do not warrant $60M and a four-year commitment. However, we are open to re-negotiating a shorter-term pact in the neighborhood of two years / $20M, including incentives and a team option for a third year - metstoday

Joel Piniero:
The New York Mets have many holes to fill this off season. Adding a starting pitcher is right on the top of the to-do list. The Mets seem to be focused on free agent Joel Pineiro as a solution for their rotation. Pineiro’s agent said that they are seeking a 4 year deal but I find it unlikely that he will get this. More likely scenario for him is a 3 year $30M deal. Personally, I don’t think he deserves that kind of contract. Pineiro is coming off of his best year going 15-12 with a 3.49 ERA and 214 innings pitched. These numbers are very good and at first glance you might think that a contract of 3 years $30M is worthy, perhaps even more. But when you look at his career numbers you’ll see from 2004 to 2008 he is a very mediocre pitcher. He did have solid years in 2002 and 2003 with the Seattle Mariners but it seemed as if he forgot how to pitch after that and remembered in 2009. - yardbarker

Jon Heyman:
As usual, it was met with an outcry from many individuals about how Jon is wrong for his choices and the methodology of picking his selections. This type of behavior not only annoys me, the arrogance displayed by those who disagree with Heyman is reprehensible. It’s a combination of snarky, arrogant, and disrespectful. Unfortunately, and I hate to generalize, but the worst perpetrators of the behavior are those that use advanced metrics to make their case. Once again they act as if they have absolute answers and the only methodology acceptable in making a decision. This doesn’t surprise me as this site has been the victim of vicious attacks for its opinions in the past. When I suggested that Mark Teixeira was the MVP over Joe Mauer I had people go as low as to compare my rationale to Marge Schott claiming Hitler wasn’t all bad. It was some of those same people who twisted my words when I suggested baseball today needed a leader with the absolute power of Kenesaw Mountain Landis. In the end, Jon Heyman selected the players based on what he values as a sports writer. Just because this doesn’t include advanced metrics doesn’t make it wrong.  -  Mike Silva

Raul Casanova:
Caguas 8, Ponce 4

Mariners prospect Andrew Baldwin struck out six and allowed a run on five hits over 6 2/3 innings for the last-place Criollos. Raul Casanova homered twice and drove in five runs for Caguas, while fellow Major League veteran Carlos Rivera had two hits and two RBIs for Ponce. - mlb

Tom Seaver:

OOOh I forgot about this one. One of my favorite baseball cards ever!   link



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