Bay Back To BoSox, Dickey, Phils/Mets Lineups, Metstradamus... and Mike Piazza


Jason Bay:

According to a report by Rob Bradford of WEEI Radio in Boston, the Red Sox may be throwing their hat back into the ring regarding Jason Bay. According to a team source, the Red Sox have had internal discussions about extending their organizational budget to potentially allow for another offer for free agent outfielder Jason Bay. The discussed proposal to Bay would be in the vicinity four-year, $60 million originally offered the outfielder by the Red Sox.  -  metsmerizedonline

R.A. Dickey

the R.A. Dickey signing became official today. The Mets signed the 35-year-old knuckleballer to a minor-league contract. Dickey made one start and 34 relief appearances for the Twins last season, going 1-1 with a 4.62 ERA in 64 1/3 innings.

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Phil/Mets Lineups:

Raul Ibanez - Carlos Delgado
Jayson Werth / Geoff Jenkins/Ryan Church
Pedro Feliz / Gregg Dobbs  - Fernando Tatis / Daniel Murphy

As it turned out, the Mets did get another big bat — Gary Sheffield. But looking back, I’m not sure Sheff would’ve been enough to produce a lineup that could run with the Phillies, even if Delgado, Reyes, and Beltran remained healthy. Because my conclusion was based on Ibanez regressing and Werth performing closer to his 2008 numbers. To make up for those two, Delgado would have had to produce a monster season. Not impossible, but not likely, either.. As it stands today, the Mets are minus Delgado, have replaced Church with Jeff Francoeur, and the Phillies have swapped Feliz/Dobbs for Placido Polanco. There’s also the matter of the catching position, which may or may not be upgraded on the Mets side — but even if it is, I don’t know if it is a difference-maker. -  mets today


Well you thought you were going to have a special Christmas gift under your tree. Instead, you're preparing yourself for Omar Minaya to bring back Tom O'Malley and teach him to play left field at the age of 49 (just a year and a half older than Julio Franco). Well cheer up. Because Omar and The Acquisitions have put together a special Christmas video just for you. So Merry Christmas and get your ticket deposit money ready. (By the way, those "convenience charges" on your Ticketmaster bill ... they went towards the production values for this thing.)  -  metstradamus

Mike Piazza:

No surprises here: it's Mike Piazza. He was the Mets' catcher for more seasons -- six -- than anyone else this decade. His combined WAR of 14.8 was five times higher than the next closest guy on the list, Paul Lo Duca, who managed 2.8 WAR in two seasons with the Mets. Piazza hit the same number of homeruns -- 157 -- as every other player who caught at least one game for the Mets in the past decade*. Ramon Castro's 33 homeruns are the second-highest total for a catcher over that period, to give you a feel for how far behind Piazza everyone else lags. Just look at the list. It's Piazza and a bunch of nothing, basically. He dominates the pack in both quantity and quality of performance - .amazinavenue.


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