Status of Mets Minor League - Catching

AAA Projection: - Josh Thole – We’ve said enough about Josh. He’ll start for Buffalo in 2010 and Queens in 2011. That’s the facts, Jack.

AA Projection: - Francesco Pena – The Pena experiment will continue at the AA level in 2010, though he hasn’t lived up to his prospect press at the last two levels he has played at. A lot of money is invested here, so he gets one more chance. One. (I sure wish the Mets would give this gig to Jordan Abruzzo…). He will play 2010 as a 19 year old so there is still time, but .191 in this year’s winter ball, .224 in 2009 and .264 in Savannah in 2008 is really nothing to write home about in that family.

A+ Projection: “Kai Luc Blaqueire” - Gronauer split time with Jean Luc Blaqueire which really didn’t do either of them any good. The two-headed monster will continue at Lucy this season, for reasons no one seems to be able to explain to me. Why in God’s name do you platoon a minor leaguer? Aren’t you supposed to… err… teach these kids how to hit all pitchers? Anyway, Gronauer hit .243 and Luc Blaqueire hit .238. Boy, did that platoon rock.

A Projection: - Dock Doyle: - It sure seems to me that Doyle has been left behind, growth wise, for some reason. I had heard a few things out of Brooklyn last year, but it looks like I’ll get a chance to see first hand how he plays this season. Doyle hit .257 for Brooklyn in 2009 and actually had three at bats for Lucy (1.000), but there’s no room for him there in the spring.

Brooklyn Projection: - future 2010 draft pick… hopefully

Kingsport Projection: - Nefli Zapata: - Zapata came out of the box last season like a house on fire, but calmed down and finished the season at .261 in 119 at bats. June: .553, July: .246, and .186 in August. Great pic.

Mike Nickeas – Nickeas ended the 2009 season on the DL. At best, he will back up either Thole or Pena. Strictly an AAAA player.

Amauris Valdez – got 54 at bats for GCL in 2009, hitting.278… may go back there or split time with Zapata at K-Port.

Juan Centeno – hit .164 in 110 at bats for the Clones last year. At best, he’ll be a backup in Savannah.

Jordan Abruzzo – Abruzzo played only DH in 2009 healing from a bad wing that prevented him from throwing. Nobody has ever questioned his bat and the Mets need to give this guy a full time job somewhere. Every catcher deserves a chance… right, Teddy? Oh yeah… he’s slit his wrists if you send him back to either Savannah or Brooklyn.

Rafael Arroyo – Okay… hit .094 for Lucy, .000 for Buffalo, and .000 for the B-Mets. All that combined for 065/.216/.098/.314. Yes, a .314 OPS. I’ll slit my wrists if this guy gets a job over Abruzzo.

John Freeman – hit .221 in K-Port last season… only 131 at bats… look for him in Brooklyn as the 2ns string.

Tony Maccani – ended the 2009 season on the DL… like Abruzzo, he hasn’t had a real shot yet in his professional career. I know teams carry three catchers and the third is basically a bullpen guy, but doesn’t everybody deserve 250 at bats just to see what they can do?

Juan Torres – dilemma… Torres combined at GCL and K-Port for a .333 BA in 2009, but only got a total of 87 at bats.

Luis Allen – Allen ended the 2009 season on the DL… hit .143 last year as 3rd stringer in Savannah, but is currently hitting .367 in the winter league. Probably back to Savannah.

Michael Moras – another part time catcher: got a total of 95 at bats combined for K-Port and the Gnats. The good news is he hit .274. Back to Gnats? Who knows?

Cam Maron – guess what… another one… the good news: hit .293 for GCL… bad news: total 41 at bats.


Everything rides on Thole. Past him, steak knives.


Teddy Dziuba said...

After seeing Josh Thole make it to the big leagues and somehow transform himself into a prospect in the Mets system, it is apparent that in terms of minor league catchers, the guys who advance will be the guys with the highest upside on the offensive side of the ball - The last home-grown defensive minded catcher to get a call-up was Joe Hietpas, and his stay in New York lasted one game (with no official at-bats). Now that I think about it, if they wanted defense, Nickeas would have been up there years ago and Butera would still be a Met.

With that in mind, you're absolutely right, give Abruzzo 300 at bats in Binghamton and let him prove that he's capable of swinging a big league stick. The kid is a hitter, period.

Thole has carved out a niche as an On-base slapper with an uncanny sense of the strike zone - all while being a below-average defensive catcher. The only way I see any of the Mets Minor League catchers making a name for themselves is to start hitting the long ball, because none of them will win an on-base contest against Josh. However, Abruzzo, Pena, Doyle (from what I've heard) and Blacquiere can all hit the ball out of the ballpark and if any of them can put up double digit HR's at a higher level of the minor leagues, you'll see their name thrown into the mix.

Not to take anything away from Thole, who's success I couldn't be happier for, but the last thing the Mets need is another .270 hitter that slaps singles and clogs the bases...eventually they are going to realize that without somebody driving in all of those On-base guys, they are going to remain a middle of the pack team

Mack said...

you are so right...

I really like Joseh... and I wish him well... but he will have to play through his arse + add 10 mph to his throw to second.

Past that, a couple of guys can hit

and the guys that can catch, can't hit...

another great Mets Omar drafts story...

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