BB - Cleveland Indians 2013 Top 15 Prospects


The majority of the Cleveland Indians’s talent is focused in the lower levels of minor league baseball; with the Choo trade, they just received their most advanced prospect in Trevor Bauer. Bauer has seen his stock fall from the elite level that many inflated it to a year ago, but the profile is essentially the same. He is a very smart but dogmatic pitcher who believes in the idea of tunneling as the most effective way to get a batter out — basically trying to have the various pitches look the same for as long as possible, in practice it generally means fastballs up in the zone and offspeeds down in the zone. Elevated fastballs and his mediocre command can be a frightening combination against advanced hitters; despite having strikeout stuff, those concerns led me to believe he was more of a mid rotation starter last year. I feel the same this year.

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