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Only three teams scored more runs than the Angels in 2012… and that was before Josh Hamilton.

“It’s truly rare–even for the Mets–to literally have no starting outfield. Jason Bay was cut from the team (although he’s still owed his full salary and more), Andres Torres was non-tendered and recently signed with the San Francisco Giants, Lucas Duda has yet to proof his value due to his inability to field or hit well enough to be a corner outfielder, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis‘ health and high strikeout total project him as more of a fourth outfielder type. To confirm, the New York Mets have no starting outfield.”

                This was part of Ben Berkon’s BNS first article for Baseball News Source (BNS) a site I frequently visit and highly recommend.  He does have a way with words when it comes to the ineptitude of the current Mets outfield.

R.A. Dickey for Dayan Viciedo and Charlie Shirek - The poor, pottering Mets have hit a snag with Dickey, the barbs now going back and forth as the two sides "negotiate" an "extension." In the New York market, maybe it's best to go ahead and move him now, at peak value, before the ugliness escalates and (possibly) is exacerbated if Dickey comes down from his Cy Young 2012 next year. The White Sox could use a starter and the Mets could use 12 or 13 outfielders, depending on whether Scott Hairston walks. Viciedo is young, can hit the snot out of a baseball, and wasn't as bad in the outfield as worriers might have guessed (-1.6 FRAA isn't good, but it isn't atrocious, either). Rick Hahn weeps a little, then replaces Viciedo's production with that of Nick Swisher, whom he brings back to the South Side with open arms. Hahn tosses Shirek at the Mets along with Viciedo, and the Mets hope Shirek can work more magic out of his sinker (4:1 K/BB. 53% GB rate last year in Triple-A) and give the tabloids a Shrek reference to lean on with season-long regularity—if it all breaks right, Shirek becomes the most famous North Dakotan to play in New York since Roger Maris. —Adam Sobsey

                This was a possible trade printed by BP this morning.

Joel Sherman NYP isn’t too hot on a deal of Dickey to LAA: - “But the Angels still need that high-end starter and, theoretically, could use slugger Mark Trumbo or fleet defensive ace Peter Bourjos as a trade linchpin, which is why there was so much quick speculation about R.A. Dickey, since the Mets so badly need outfielders. However, I was told the Angels are not currently in on Dickey, and outside executives said they sense the Angels’ preference is to trade DH Kendry Morales (to open that for Trumbo) and pay down as much of the two years at $42 million that is necessary to deal Vernon Wells.”

 I find the Baseball America list of the Top 10 Mets prospects pretty similar to mine, though I do rank some of the players higher or lower. I particularly agree with the “Best Tools” section.  Trust me, once you’ve seen Domingo Tapia’s fastball there will be no question in your mind who has the best one in the organization. I smiled when I saw Darin Gorski listed with the ‘best changeup”. We thought, when he played in Savannah, that everything he threw was a changeup. Most Mets fans have no idea who BA listed as the ‘best athlete” is. Google his name and light a candle he gives up football next season.  Ranking and position wise, I found it surprising that Gavin Cecchini was ranked as the 2nd top prospect (plus they had him as the future second baseman in 2016). I like Cecchini, but not ahead of people like Wilmer Flores and Rafael Montero. Also, Luis Mateo seemed a little high (4), but, if BA is right, this could be quite the bonus. He’s old enough to jump to St. Lucie come spring and his ETA is opening day 2015 latest.


Anonymous said...


It seems the mets will get D'Anaud. Considering how vocal you've been since the 2010 draft that Grandal should have been chosen, even after the emergence of Matt Harvey's fantastic beginning of his career, I'd expect you to be doing back flips right now.

I mean, he's the number one catching prospect in the league, major league ready, and a top 10 prospect in the league. This would be a major piece added to the Mets. Young, cheap, controlled for years, and at a premium position.

I remember having Piazza and on days he was given an off day, I'd feel like the Mets were at a huge disadvantage. Since his departure, other than Lo Duca's first year, the Mets have always been at a disadvantage. That is going to change dramatically; even if its JP they ultimately end up with(although I doubt it's him).

I hate to lose RA, but considering the Nets needs, this is best case senario. Outfielders can always be found, but premium catchers are like gold. Sandy has earned his salary since arriving as far as I'm concerned if this happens and despite all the screaming otherwise, has played this market perfectly.

Mack Ade said...

I would pick D'Arnaud ahead of Grandal.... this would be a great trade for the Mets, Sandy, and the future of this team

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