New Deal For OF In The Making


Also, it sounds as if the Mets may have a new OF addition in the next few days. Front office has been working on something.

Was only told it's a name that hasn't been linked to the Mets.

This came in around 11:30 last night.

You really didn't think that Sandy Alderson works on these deals one at a time?

Michael Baron and I have tried to figure out how much money there is available and still keep the payroll under $100 and the one thing we both walk away with is the fact that there is plenty of money to sign someone like Michael Bourn.

But... he's the rub. You lose your first round draft pick and neither Michael or I can see Sandy and Company do that. These guys are in the draft business, and yet, you wold think they would have spent more early round draft picks on this position.

Don't look for someone like Cody Ross, Matt Diaz, or Scott Hairston... they have all been linked to the Mets.


Anonymous said...

Think it's a trade. Most likely going to have to give up a prospect on anyone good. Lets hope it's someone decent.

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