'The War Room' - 2013 Minor League Rosters Vegas Pitchers


I don't know about you, but I'm sick of talking about who is going to play in the Flushing outfield.

Let's get back to the reason we have this site... the Mets minor leagues.

Here's what I have "on paper" for the Mets pitchers

First the starters, followed by the relievers... and trust me...  I'm always wrong.

So... who goes where and who goes away.....

Las Vegas              Binghamton          St. Lucie             Savanah              Brooklyn           ??  

Zack Wheeler Rafael Montero Michael Fulmer Gabriel Ynoa Steven Matz Christian Montgomery Yoryl  Nuez
Jenrry Mejia Logan Verrett Noah Syndergaard Rainy Lara Cory Oswalt Zack Dotson Lenny Rosario
Gonzalez Germen Cory Mazzoni Luis Mateo Luis Cessa Chris Flexen
Mark Cohoon Chase Huchington Domingo Tapia Hansel Robles Persio Reyes
Chris Schwinden Erik Goeddel Jake deGrom Julian Hilario Robert Gsellman
Collin McHugh Angel Cuan Tyler Pill John Gant Bret Mitchell
Aaron Laffey Miller Diaz Logan Taylor
Elvin Ramirez Jack Leathersich TJ Chism David Wynn Martirez Arias Andrew Masse Gaby Almonte
Jeurys Familia Jeffrey Walters Marcos Camerena Mathew Bowman Mathew Budgell Christian Chivilli Marcos Gonzalez
Darin Gorski Adam Kolarek Paul Seward Tyler Vandenheiden Shane Bay Luis Rengel Eduard Ramos
Craig Hansen Taylor Whitenton John Mincone Ernesto Yanez Flabio Ortega Ramon Estevez Gaby Almonte
Ryan Fraser Adrian Rosario Chasen Bradford Logan Taylor Carlos Valdez Alberto Baldonado Jesus Lugo
Dylan Owen Jeff Kaplan Estarlin Morel Juan Urbina Edioglis Villasmil
Armondo Rodriguez John Church Carlos Vasquez Akeel Morris Andres E. Perez
Greg Peavey Brandon Moore Randy Fontanez Alberto Baldonado Robert Whalen
Chuck James Hamilton Bennnett Jared West Beck Wheeler Brandon Welsh
Greg Burke Yohan Almonte Brandon Sage Hunter Carnevale Mathew Koch
Carlos Torres Wanel Mesa
Scott Rice Jim Fuller
Tim Byrdak Alex Panteliodes
Daniel Herrera Tyler Vanderheiden
Brad Holt


Mack Ade said...

I'm starting this early in hopes of putting this week's events to rest.

Regarding the minors, I hate AAAA players. I know there is a purpose for them; however, I always plea for the Mets to use their AAA franchise as a place to play "test" their prospects.

So, in my case, I'm going to tell you what I want, not what will probably be.


(( I have Jenrry Mejia pitching SP5 in Queens)

Zack Wheeler
Chris Schwinden
Darin Gorski (I know that TC said he may use him as a LOOGY... I want to see more as a starter first)
Mark Cohoon
Collin McHugh


(I have Elvin Ramirez in Queens)

Jeurys Familia (I have to give up on him as a starter. I don't want to but there are needs here too and he has the talent to produce them)

Armondo Rodriguez

Ryan Fraser

Brad Holt (had a nice season last year... I'm going to pitch him until he blows up again)

Gonzalez German

Greg Peavey

Daniel Herrera

Anonymous said...

Your list sounds about right to me.

Gorski is the only left handed starter somewhat close to the majors. For that reason, they can't just toss him into the bullpen. Between Edgin, Carson, Korelak... They have options as a loogy. If Gorski can build on is last two seasons, there's nothing wrong with having another legit starter they need to FO d a place for or deal, especially if he'seft handed and has the best change up in the system.

I would give up on Familia as a starter just yet either. Unless he makes the pen out of spring training g for the mets, I cut Cohoon lose and let Familia keep starting in Vegas.

Wow, that St. Lucie team might not lose a game. In two years every one of those pitchers might be ready to start in Queens and that is a wonderful problem to have. This is why I'm not concerned about the Mets future. Today's market for starting pitchers might make the mets the most powerful team in the majors. They'll have plenty of depth to trade from. Suddenly Niese and Gee become players that will easily refill the farm with high end prospects or players that complete the mets roster. 2015 is the year I can't wait for.

Mack Ade said...


Yeah, I was hoping someone would notice that Lucy rotation early on... it's amazing.

Now Binghamton...

I have:

rotation: Montero, Verrett, Mazzoni, Huchington, Goeddel...

pen: Cuan (probably piggy backed in the first month with SP5), Leather, Kolarek, Walters, Whitenton, Church, Moore

the Bing bullpen maye be the best at that level

Anonymous said...

Live this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Montero is the one to watch. Mazzoni and Goeddel are dark horse candidates to stick at starter if they can reach their pinnacles.

Otherwise, I don't see another impact starter there in a Mets future rotation. Verret could be, but with Harvey, Wheeler, Fulmer, Montero, Niese, Gee, Snydergaard, familia, Mejia, and DeGrom; just how could the Mets settle for just anyone in their future rotation. This is why I loved the RA trade. Put D'Arnaud aside, that in itself is a great trade. Now you add Synndergaard to this mix and the Mets have capitalized on the best market in baseball to have excess of: starting pitching. He puts them over the top.

A lot has been said about 2014. Yes they'll have money to spend. They'll hopefully use it and make this team a winner. I still don't think they'll win over 90 games though because I don't see this FO buying any significant FA. They'll get good players, see where the team stands and in 2015 they be ready to really kill it when all this pitching needs a place to play. They'll be able to trade for basically anyone they want with these arms all ready to play.

2015 is also around the time Nimmo, Aderline, Vaughn, and the rest of the you g bats they have should be nearly ready.

David Rubin said...

That rotation in St. Lucie has my mouth watering. Forget going to spring training- I want to go to FLA when the Lucie Mets are playing to see some of those arms in person! Amazing!!!

Mack Ade said...

Yeah, it's still going to take some time...

my 2013 rotation is Santana, Niese, Harvey, Gee and either Mejia or someone newly signed until Wheeler is ready.

it will change around the all-star break to: Santana, Harvey Niese, Gee, and Wheeler (I just don't know what to do with Mejia at this point)

where it goes from there is all projection...

I believe Montero will replace Santana in 2014 but I may have him a little early...


2015 looks like:

Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Montero, Syndergaard... that's not bad

Mack Ade said...


Now you get a feeling what Savannah was like last season.

Frank Viola told me me he didn't know which way to turn first :)

Mack Ade said...

Remember this also...

Brooklyn led the league last year with the lowest team ERA (2.62) and lowest WHIP (1.05)...

In addition, Savannah did the same... lowest ERA (3.33) and lowest WHIP (1.20).

THIS is the future of your team.

Michi L. said...

Im really wonder how Leather. will pitch at AA. I hope hes our lefthand bullpen rock (like affeldt or so) in the near future...

Mack Ade said...


He obviously can not maintain his K/9 ratio, which is the highest in baseball history.

AA will be his true test and, if he passes it during the first half of the season, he will move on quickly.

Like Eglin, he is a very mature young man that can easily handle the pressure of the MLB.

Michi L said...

I hope so!

Mack can you tell me something about Montgomery? Why did he just throw about 8innings? Do you think he could be ready for brooklyn?

Mack Ade said...

Montgomery was injured in college and stayed that way most of last season... he's supposed to be ready for ST this year...

there's no room for him above Brooklyn; however, why pressure the ex-high school kid... return him to Kingsport to get his game together

Mack Ade said...

13 comments... 7 from me... none from the other writers...

this isn't working...

Anonymous said...

People seemed pretty high on matthew Koch coming out of the draft.... Is there a place for him in Brooklyn?

Mack Ade said...

Koch is one of those many 'anonymous' kids that Sandy and Company drafted...

he comes out of Louisville where he shared closing duties with Derek Self.

The Mets don't seem to know what to do with him since they let him return to starting (he once was a starter in school)in Brooklyn.

Right now, just another name that needs to giddy-up in a system filled with talented pitchers.

John said...

Surprised to see you have Panteliodis in the St. Lucie Pen, seemed he did enough to warrant another year as a starter.. especially given that he is left handed and this system seems to be dominated by right handers. All in all though a good list, almost seems like theres not enough innings in the FSL for all these guys.

David Rubin said...

Hoping Frankie V goes to Lucie with those arms to get them to the next level, too. And Leather should be in the bigs by late 2013, or do u think 2014 for him?

Charles said...

Pants was far too up and down to justify taking a rptation spot from any of those pitchers in Lucy. His best hope is in the pen at this point.

Craig said...

Mack--With all this great young pitching, i'd love to see you go back to doing a prospect ranking...

Mack Ade said...

Have house guests tonight so online time is limited...

Re: Pants... there are just too many pitchers at this level and I don't know where to put him...

the unofficial word if Viola will go to Lucy

Mack Ade said...

Thanks to those of you that participated today in 'The War Room'.

This was a great idea... that just doesn't work, so we're going to return to the regular format next Sunday.



Kevin Anderson said...

I think that seeing all of the names of the pitchers the Mets have in the system right now gives me some hope that they are going to be good at the big league level soon - it just seems like there are interesting arms at every level - including AAA. It looks like this will be self sustainable for a little while at least. I hope they draft a ton of interesting hitters this June.

Anonymous said...

We can hope they do. I would just draft the best power hitter available for the first 5 rounds and pay them whatever nesessary. Then shift over to picking guys that will be prime power arms in the bullpen.

I know it's a weird strategy, but screw it, they don't need more starters now. They need bats badly. Advanced college power hitters.

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