FLASH - Francisco Liriano - 2-yrs, $14mil - Pirates

The Francisco Liriano era is officially over in Minnesota. The lefthander has agreed to a two year, $14 million contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates, according to a source. The deal will be finalized once Liriano passes a physical.


Pirates to sign Francisco Liriano for two-years, $14m >

Good move for them, others out there for Mets RT : Pirates gave Francisco Liriano 2 years/$14 million....

Francisco Liriano had a 5.34 ERA in 2012, but K/BB/HR combo produced a 4.34 FIP. You'll prob hear his name as a "bounceback" candidate.

Jay Jaffe@jay_jaffe
Given the choice between Francisco Liriano at 2/$14M and Edwin Jackson at 4/$52 M, I'd chew my right arm off before my left.


Justin M. said...

Mejia seems like a much better option than any of these leftovers.

Charles said...

Wow wow wow. 14 mill for him ? And that's why Toronto traded their best prospects this year. They've acquired 100,000,000 in pitchers for prospects.


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