'The War Room' - Enter Sandman (D'A Knee Update)

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Reese said...

OK, I'll start off with a question...while the incapable-of-multitasking Sandy Alderson focused exclusively first on Wright and then on Dickey, John Lannan signed a very affordable $2.5 million one year contract with the Phillies. I can see them trying Mejia as the first option as 5th starter, but what if Gee and/or Santana aren't ready or Mejia falters...is Wheeler or McHugh or Hefner next up? Is that good enough? Maybe for a 4th/5th place team it is.

What about the OF? What about Murphy vs. Valdespin? What about the bullpen?

I'm not ready to anoint Alderson yet...there are more problems than solutions on the roster.

BTW, could Flores net some other organization's top OF prospect?

Mack Ade said...

I agree but this was a good Sandy day

Willis said...

Reese - I can't tell if your post is serious but if so it is absurd.On the day that Alderson may have acquired two top 100 prospects for Dickey you have chosen to criticize him for failing to secure the rights to Lannan? Heh.

tony said...

Mack ,what about a trade of flores to oak for Michael choice.do u think oak would do that?

Mack Ade said...


You first have to find a team that wants someone that wants someone that can't run, can't play short, and can't play in the outfield.

Teams don't usually designate rookies to be a DH but Flores bat could be the exception.

Choice was available to the Mets at draft time. He would be a perfect choice for the Mets

Anonymous said...


Lannon? Come on. The Mets have already said they're going to go with Mejia if RA is gone. Unless they decide to actually spend some money this year, trading RA was a sign that this year or even next is not their main concern.

It's obvious they didn't like the prices of what average outfielders were getting. They are not overpaying for subpar players when there's so little cash to spend.

Sandy just negotiated an extremely complex trade in which our best player and their best prospect were dealt, while also needing to iron out other players, monies exchanged, an contract extension negotiating windows. He's bringing the Mets two players that fit into the number 1 & 3 slots on their top ten prospect list.

He has transformed this franchise for the better in so many ways that John Freaking Lannon is like birdshit on the street to him right now.

Mack Ade said...


Looks like you have a big fan here in 'anonymous'.

Certain GMs have certain patterns. Alderson doesn't seem to be the kind of guy that picks up other team's castoffs.

He likes players he has history with and youth seems to be what earns you a spot on this team.

My first guess would have been Pelfrey, then Chris Young, but I too think Mejia will be where he goes. Jenrry pitched very well as a starter in winter ball, minus his last outing).

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