Draft 13 - SS Dalton Dulin - Memphis University H.S.


Mack:  Hey folks, we're talking today with 2013 draft prospect and Memphis University High School SS, Dalton Dulin. Morning Dalton. I first ask if you would take us through your young baseball life up to this point and I can't help myself, but I have to ask how many times has someone sang that Eagles song to you?

Dalton:  Jumping right into things! I started playing baseball around 4 yrs old. I played with 6 yr olds at first so I had no choice but to mature at a young age and soak all the knowledge I could up around older guys. My dad, Tim Dulin went to the University of Memphis and was the 2nd pick of the Orioles in 1985. After playing 6 years professionally,  he chose to come back home to Memphis, Tennessee to run his own Baseball academy ( Dulins Baseball Academy ) which is the home to his organization, Dulin Dodgers. He started the Dodgers in 2000 with an 18 yr old team and I grew up around the older guys and learned from them. Guys like Matt Cain, Zack Cozart, Julio Borbon, Logan Forsythe, Blake Forsythe, Drew Pomeranz, Stuart Pomeranz and the list goes on but being around these guys at such a young age it has helped me develop a good baseball IQ and I have seen these guys work throughout their career so i feel like I have a pretty good idea on what it takes to make it to the Big Leagues. I currently play for the Dulin Dodgers 18u team and I will be a Senior at Memphis University School this year. My father is my biggest coach and mentor in the game and guides me through situations on and off the field while still letting me do my own thing.

Mack – Well, we got past that ‘who is your advisor’ question real quick. Okay, you’re  a 5-9,160 SS out of something called ‘Memphis University High School’. I can’t let that one get by. What the hell is that J

Dalton:  As of right now, I do not have an advisor but at the right time will chose one who will work best for me and my situation. Memphis University School (MUS) is an all-boys college prep school and starts at grades 7-12. Ii have been there since the 8th grade.

Mack – Well, let your father worry about the ‘advisor’ thing and you just play ball. Back to the interview, I have to ask you… how was the Jr. National Showcase?

Dalton - The National Showcase went well. I enjoyed playing with the guys on my team. They all were talented and were good at what they did!

Mack – Showoff. Look, we’re getting down to the last few questions. Are you on any special ‘program’ during the ‘off-season’ before your last year in school?

Dalton - Yes. I recently started training with one of the best personal trainers in the country who trains many professional athletes in the off season. Many doubt my size being 5'9 but it just gives me motivation to be one of the best 2nd basemen to come out of the 2013 Draft. My goal is to play in the big leagues and it has been that since I was a little kid. I will do whatever it takes for me to get there and I think I am on the right track. Also I am on a long toss program all year long to increase my arm strength along with working on my switch hitting constantly.

Mack – Last question Dalton. Obviously, you have stealing home in your plans, but what do you want to take away from school experience at the end of this upcoming season?

Dalton: Ever since I came to MUS in the 8th grade it has been a challenge academically and as you have success in each grade the teachers and faculty tend to give you a little more freedom so by your senior year you have everything under control. I’m really just looking forward to enjoying my last year of high school and getting my work done in the classroom. While being at MUS it has forced me to mature quicker and I feel like I have perfected time management with all of the work they have given us. It has been a challenge but I’m obviously down to take and overcome any challenges in my way.

Mack:  Thanks, D… we’ll check back with you mid-season.


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