In Search For An Outfielder – Colorado Rockies


In Search For An Outfielder – Colorado Rockies

So far, we have identified two outfielders on two teams ripe for picking:

                Atlanta – Reed Johnson
                Arizona – A.J. Pollock
Baltimore – Nolan Reimold
                Boston – Jerry Sands
                Chicago Cubs – Brett Jackson
Chicago White Sox - Dayan Viciedo
Cincinnati – Chris Heisey
                Cleveland - none

I spend no time here trying to figure out who to trade them or whether the Mets should just keep checking the waiver wire each day to see if my choice becomes available. All I do here is try to duplicate, for you, what I assume someone (with a VP on his business card) is doing in the Mets office this week.

We now move on to the Colorado Rockies, who currently have eight (8) outfielders on their roster, far too many than are needed on opening day:

                Charlie Blackmon – lefty –
                Tyler Colvin – lefty –  ARB-1 – MLB: 18-HR, 72-RBI,  .290
                Michael Cuddyer – bats right – $10.5Mil thru 2014 -
                Dexter Fowler – switch –  ARB-2  -  MLB:  .300, 11-HR
                Carlos Gonzalez – lefty –  $80mil thru 2017 -  22-HR, 85-RBIs
                Rafael Ortega – lefty –  minimal -
                Tim Wheeler – lefty –  prospect – AAA:  .303
                Eric Young – switch -  pre-ARB-1  - MLB-174AB - .316

Colorado needs pitching and everyone loves Fowler and Cuddyer. Both are movable, but the Mets don’t have the package right now to get either. The prospects are growing up. Young Jr. is already breaking through and Wheeler is right behind him. They obviously have too many outfielders that hit well for average and somebody has to be moved. Only Cuddyer is a righty so you have to look at the two switch hitters and determine who the Rockies covert more, Young or Fowler. My guess is it’s Young because they have already publically commented that it would take a lot to move Fowler.

Mets target: Dexter Fowler  -  was a 14th round draft pick by the Rockies in 2004… primarily a centerfielder… was paid $2.35mil in 2012… will play 2013 as a 27-year old… showed a little pop last year (13-HR)… stat line: .300/.389/.474/.863

Note: You’re not going to get this guy without trading an MLB-ready rotation pitcher.


enyherb said...

Hey Mack,

Hope you had a great holiday and are now back to blogging. In response to your reply to be in the Cubs post, yes, we are looking for outfielders who can be of help in 2013, but I am trying to focus on those who can also provide a long term solution and fit into sandy's Grand Plan.

Re: Colorado, I disagree with Fowler. He can't hit a lick at sea level. Check out his splits away from the rarified atmosphere of Coor's field. His career slash line is .248/.331/.367/.698. Even last year, which was a career year for him, he wasn't good. I want Eric Young Jr.

Mack Ade said...

Yeah, actually Young was my first pick... I don't know why I changed it.

Mack Ade said...

The problem right nos is the only pitcher that is MLB ready and not coming off an injury is Niese.

I've got to keep Harvey, Wheeler, and Niese..

I don't know how I could help Colorado in 2013 for Young. I can help them in the future if they are willing to take a chance on two prospect pitchers (pick two: Mejia, Familia, Gorski, Verrett, Pill, Camarena, Tapia, Germen, Fraser, Leathersich, Walters, Kolarek), but that's all I could deal.

I'm keeping Montero, Fulmer, Mateo, and Synder... 2 of these guys will pan out...

enyherb said...

First off, if I'm dealing with Colorado for young, I'm taking a big chance that his 2012 was not a total fluke. His previous years were no great shakes, and he too couldn't hit a lick away from Coors. Then comes 2012 and he hits everywhere and everyone. Who knows. What makes him attractive is he's very versatile, a switch hitter who hits both lefties and righties, (lefties a bit better) and a true leadoff hitter with speed to burn.

You are right about Colorado not needing much of anything. But their bull pen is pretty shallow. So I'd offer them one of Familia or Mejia, straight up. If they won't bite, I'd add one of Tapia, Gorski, Germen, Fraser, Walters, Kolarek, or a position player like Aderlin, Lagares, or Tovar. If they still refuse, I'd move on.

I think it is too early to consider giving up Verrett, Pill, Camarena, or Leathersich. Any one of them could develop into an elite pitcher, if not as a starter, then in the pen. (Leathersich is already in the pen, but he could be a closer of the future.)

Mack Ade said...

I'm not giving up on anyone.. I'm just practicing the "you have to give something to get something" theory.

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