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Gary Seagren asked:  A little surprised we didn't try for Lannan at 2.5 mil

Mack:   I too was surprised, which tells me that Sandy and Company have a lot of confidence in either Jenrry Mejia or Jeremy Heffner out of camp. We know that the plan is to bump up Zack Wheeler around July 1st and, on the surface, you would have thought $2.5mil was worth looking at, especialy when you probably knew that Minnesota was in the $4+ range with Mike Pelfrey. Lannan just never was a Washington favorite, but he had decent numbers for an SP5. It’s only December19th so let’s see what else Sandy has up his sleeve.

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Top Prospect Alert http://topprospectalert.com/2012/12/11/2013-organizational-top-20-prospect-rankings/ updated their top 20 Mets prospect list. It now is: 1) Travis d’Arnaud, 2) Zack Wheeler, 3) Noah Syndergaard, 4)              Michael Fulmer, 5)Brandon Nimmo, 6) Domingo Tapia, 7) Luis Mateo, 8 ) Gavin Cecchini, 9) Rafael Montero, 10)           Wilmer Flores, 11) Matthew Koch, 12) Vicente Lupo, 13)Jeurys Familia, 14) Hansel Robles, 15) Tyler Pill, 16) Logan Verrett, 17) Kevin Plawecki, 18) Cesar Puello, 19) Brandon Welch, 20) Cory Vaughn… as I have said with the other lists, most have the same names. Mateo does seem to be creeping up all the lists out there. I have a couple of problems with this one. Mathew Koch has done nothing to warrant being ranked 11th and you can’t have a player that hasn’t played anything but DSL ball (Lupo) on a prospect list. You can dream about Lupo but you can’t rank him. It amazes me that Flores, who just consistently is hitting the snot off the ball, is ranked behind a kid that couldn’t hit .275 in Brooklyn.

http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/mets/future_bright_but_too_many_holes_pAnAcGu1P1sboAGfA3UTJN?utm_medium=twitter&utm_content=Mets&utm_source=dlvr.it – “The Mets need a starting pitcher, two outfielders and some bullpen help. And despite picking up a 2013 placeholder in Buck and a future franchise catcher in d’Arnaud, they’ll look for some organizational depth behind the plate as well, Alderson said.They have in the neighborhood of $7 million to spend, so don’t look for them to swoop in on intriguing names that are still out there like, say, free-agent center fielder Michael Bourn. The best, most realistic options are Scott Hairston and Cody Ross, both of whom will likely get multi-year deals as free agents.”

              I’m hoping for one good ‘name’ outfielder here, plus a bunch of fill-ins. I will then consider this to have been a successful off-season. You can’t do everything, especially when you don’t have the depth to trade for what you need. 


Don O'Brien said...

Mack,With delayed pay to Wright and Bay, and 5mil off the books with Dickey, I hear numbers ranging from 5 to 20 mil available. I know Buck might cost 6mil [if Jays don't cover part of it], but how do you figure it's 7mil to spend? Does Met front office ever speak about this?

Mack Ade said...

the front office dances around the figure... a few of us (Michael Baron, Ed Ryan, etc.) tried to figure this out and $7mil looks like the figure.

Regarding, it's my understanding that Toronto is paying $4mil of the the six...

Charles said...

Nope, dickey, Thole salaries were basically the same as Buck...no monies exchanged and I never saw anywhere where anyone said Toronto was kicking in cash. I did hear that it was either some money or that 18 yr old prospect and Toronto de used to give up the kid.

Justin M. said...

Who the F is Mathew Koch?

Mack Ade said...

He's Ed Koch's grandson....

No, really... he's a 3rd round pick last draft (P) out of the University of Louisville.

Pitches in 13 games for Brooklyn ast year (started 2)... 5.01 ERA... 1.37 WHIP

May be great some day... may not... but does not deserve any prospect recognition at this point in his professional career

Charles said...

Agree Mack, Koch is a weird guy to put on that list.

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