The RA-less Rotation


We know RA Dickey is history. What we don’t know is who-what-where…

Assuming no new SP is acquired in the deal, here’s how the rotation projects out with this change:

          2013: Johan Santana will pitch SP1, followed by Jon Niese, Matt Harvey, and Dillon Gee. One immediate possibility is the resigning of Mike Pelfrey, but Sandy Alderson doesn’t seem to be one to go in the wrong direction. He knows that Zack Wheeler is less than six months away. Another option is Jenrry Mejia, but my guess he opens up in the Vegas rotation. So look for Jeremy Hefner and Collin McHugh to split time until the kids are ready. I have both Wheeler and Mejia’s ETA at July making someone in the current rotation expendable.

          2014:  Now it starts to get exciting:  Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Mejia, Gee. Once again, there will be a mid-season graduation (Rafael Montero) that could turn this into one of the most talented rotations in all of baseball.

          2015: Okay… I got a question.  Your rotation is Harvey, Wheeler, Montero, Niese, and Mejia. What do you do with Domingo Tapia, Luis Mateo, and Michael Fulmer?


Anonymous said...

DePo said Mejia steps in if RA gets traded so unless he implodes in the spring, I'd expect that. Also, Terry and Warthan love Pelfrey and I wouldn't doubt it if the Mets resign Mike just to have some insurance over the next two years in case any of these prospects don't pan out.

I think Pelfrey is the perfect guy to sign once RA is gone. Power arm, seemed to turn a corner last season and knows the team, the league, and they know him. If he's willing to take a 2 year deal for 10 million, I'd sign him.

Worse case, I keep him in rotation and Mejia becomes a good bullpen piece. Best case he's good and so are the kids... Then come July the mets have another arm to deal for even more prospects.

Susana said...

Mack, I wouldn't be surprised to see a guy like Fulmer gone in this deal along with Dickey. AA is too good of a trade-GM to not get a good player back along with him if it's true what's being reported that it's a multi-player deal on both sides.

I just hope we don''t lose one of the hidden gems we might have down in the farm, and I REALLY hope it's not Wilmer Flores who goes to Toronto as well.

jonah said...

2013: Santana, Niese, Harvey, Gee and Mejia. Wheeler will replace Santana at the ASB when he pitches like he did the first 2 months in 2012. Or when Santana gets injured.

2014: Harvey, Niese, Wheeler, Mejia, Gee. Montero could replace Gee. When Gee pitches like he did before he got injured he should get back a good prospect.

2014: Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Montero and Mejia. If the Mets feel one of the 3 you mentioned could step in I would try to extent Harvey like the Mets did with Niese. No extention then I would trade Harvey. He is a Scott Boras client so I assume when he is FA Harvey wants Greinke money.

That's my opinion on this.

And I think the trade would be something like Dickey+Thole+Flores for D'Arnaud+Gose.

nickel7168 said...

2015: Okay… I got a question. Your rotation is Harvey, Wheeler, Montero, Niese, and Mejia. What do you do with Domingo Tapia, Luis Mateo, and Michael Fulmer?

One will be injured, One will be traded and One will show himself to be better off as a closer.

Michael S. said...

I think you're missing a starter. The Mets will look to sign Harvey and Wheeler to team-friendly extensions a la Niese. Those three will likely be the core of the rotation from 2-4. Add those savings to the money coming off the books when Santana is not re-signed and the Mets have enough to bring in an elite pitcher. The rotation will be ACE, Wheeler, Harvey, Niese and SP5. The SP5 will come from within the organization. My best bets are on Fulmer or Syndergaard. The rest will fill out the bullpen or be used to upgrade the lineup through trades.

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