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Noah Syndergaard‏ - @Noahsyndergaard -  That being said, I am extremely excited to start a new path with the New York @Mets. Proud to call myself a Met!!

Mark Healey‏ - @MHealeySports - Mark, your take on trade? @JohnMackinAde I dislike a lot of the noise surrounding it; but hard to argue with return.

16. Michael Fulmer RHP Mets – The South Atlantic league was filled with good young starting pitching prospects this season. One of those prospects was Michael Fulmer. I caught Fulmer’s act early in the 2012 season. Talking to a scout at a Double A game in early August, Fulmer kept getting better as the Sally League went on. Like another player profiled in this ranking, Giants prospect Clayton Blackburn, Fulmer offers little or no physical projection for a teenage pitcher. He worked in the low 90s with reports that he was touching 94 at various times during 2012. His breaking stuff projects to be average to above average while he flashes a good changeup, which he continued to develop consistency with as 2012 moved on. A pitcher who potentially will have a full 4-pitch arsenal in the big leagues, I project him to be an innings eating, number 3 starter, with a ceiling of something a bit higher than that. He’ll start 2013 pitcher for High A St Lucie in the Florida State League. - http://bullpenbanter.com/blessings-2012-top-50-prospects-scouted-prospects-20-thru-11/

15. Rafael Montero RHP Mets – One of the biggest surprises of 2012 was the emergence of Mets pitching prospect Rafael Montero. Showing plus command and control of the strike zone, Montero dominated the lower minors with his ability to pinpoint his fastball throughout the zone. Montero brings three solid pitches to the table. He has a fastball that flashes above average, a changeup that flashes plus, and an ever-improving slider that helped him dial up strikeout totals in the Florida State League. An easy thrower with a good bit of deception, Montero is one of the best pitching prospects I saw in 2012. Montero will start 2013 likely with Double A Binghamton. http://bullpenbanter.com/blessings-2012-top-50-prospects-scouted-prospects-20-thru-11/

Steve Wilson asked - Hey Mack got a question for you? All reports read that the Mets demanded Syndergaard in the trade. Do you think with today’s reports Mets close to picking up OF's has him been traded? It wouldn’t shock me for Sandy to have got a call from Oakland or Boston, who they had spoke earlier in the off-season too. With that in mind i hope its Boston for Bryce Brentz. Trust me i hope Syndergaard stays, just has me thinking more might be made of the Mets insisting he is part of the trade. Always interested in your thoughts or insight.

                Steve, you bring up an interesting point. I know some of us fall in love with all these prospects, but let’s remember that the projected 2013 Mets outfield five years ago was Carlos Gomez, F-Mart, and Lastings Milledge. Syndergaard is three years away and could be a puff of smoke by then; however, I would trade him in a Jamaica Avenue minute for a AAA right hand hitting outfielder ready to make the jump. Always trade up.

“This was a baseball decision. And at some point the lines crossed. We did prefer to sign him at the outset. We felt we could sign him. I still felt confident we could sign him as we got into the winter meetings. But it also became clear that against the backdrop of a very hot market for pitching, his value in a possible trade was also skyrocketing. [...] His value in trade to us at some point we felt exceeded our ability to keep him here over a one- or possibly two- or three-year period. We’re not going to replace him with a No. 1 starter in return, but we’re going to have to find someone who can give us some of those wins. We also have to hope the team improves in other areas to offset R.A.’s loss. [...] R.A. was a very popular player. I’m sure he would have been very popular next year here. I’m sure he’ll be popular in Toronto, and for good reason. On the other hand, our popularity as a team, our popularity among fans, our attendance is going to be a function of winning and losing. And winning and losing consistently over time. Those are the kinds of things we have to take into account. [...] I’m hopeful in coming years that our overall popularity will be more a function of our success than individuals. But, look, I recognize this is an entertainment business. It was great to have R.A. here, and yet we felt in the best interest of the organization and the long-term popularity of the team that this was the right thing to do.”


tony said...

Juan centro keeps hitting in winter leagues. Maybe he will be our left handed hitting catcher in 2013

Mack Ade said...

actually, he's hit at all levels...

Anonymous said...

High A and up, so did Thole...

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