In Search For An Outfielder – Kansas City Royals


In Search For An Outfielder – Kansas City Royals

So far, we have identified the following outfielders as possible targets for the Mets:

                Atlanta – Reed Johnson
                Arizona – A.J. Pollock
Baltimore – Nolan Reimold
                Boston – Jerry Sands
                Chicago Cubs – Brett Jackson
Chicago White Sox - Dayan Viciedo
Cincinnati – Chris Heisey
                Cleveland – Thomas Neal -
                Colorado – Dexter Fowler
Detroit - none
Pittsburgh – Jose Tabata

We now move on to the Kansas City Royals, who currently have five (5) outfielders on the 40-man:

                Lorenzo Cain – righty –  pre-ARB – MLB, 222-AB, .266
                Jarrod Dyson – righty –  pre-ARB -
                Jeff Francoeur – righty – FA in 2014 – MLB, 561-AB, 16-HR
                Alex Gordon – lefty – $9m/$10m/$12.5mil thru 2015 – MLB, 642-AB, .294, 14, 72
                David Lough – lefty –  pre-ARB – AAA : .275, 10-HR, 69-RBI

Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer are your 1Bman, though Butler is your primary DH.  ($8.5mil thru 2014)

Gordon is your LF… Cain takes over in center… Frenchy has one more year in right… there’s no one in the minors pushing either Dyson or Lough, though Xavier Nady did sign a minor league deal. We don’t have to worry about where Wil Myers will play and Bubba Starling is still a couple of years away.

Mets target:  None

Wild Card:   Brett Eibner - Eibner was a big-time 2nd round prospect in 2010 that was suppose to pound his way up the levels.  So far.... 2011: 12-HR, 31-RBI and 2012: 15-HR, 53-RBI...  the problem is the BA:  2011: .213... and 2012: a miserable .196. What's wrong here? Can it be fixed? Why not a one-for-one swap of someone like Francisco Pena and maybe both teams can tweak these guys differently (BTW, Eibner was a super pitcher in college). 


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