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Q - Klaw, do you see TDA continuing at C long term, or do the Mets need to think of him in the outfield or first base (and trading / mivng Ike Davis). If he can stay healthy and at C, the Dickey trade was a no brainer for the Mets, but if not ...

A – Keith Law - d'Arnaud is a catcher. He's not Posey where the bat might play elsewhere and still make him a star.

Q - Do you agree that d'Arnaud is a "scouting" prospect, as some have recently suggested? I've seen his numbers, from the hitters-friendly PCL, compared unfavourably to Gomes and Jeff Mathis.

A – Keith Law - You largely have to discard hitters' park numbers (it's not the PCL specifically, but certain parks, like Vegas and Albuquerque) for top position players and focus instead on performance at other levels and the scouting reports. The main problem is that non-prospects can rake there but top prospects still face a ceiling on their overall stats - a natural .250 hitter might hit .320 in Albuquerque, but a natural .330 hitter won't hit .400. I've seen d'Arnaud, and I believe he can hit and he's coming into some power. He needs to play more than 88 games a year.

Q - I thought the biggest issue in trading d'Arnaud was not necessarily losing him, but being locked into Arencibia behind the plate. Does he still hold value because of his power? Should there be a time share with him and Thole?

A – Klaw - Arencibia shouldn't start for anyone, and I think the Jays are well aware of that.

Word Series Odds -  NYM  75-1

B-Mets – play 58 games in first 60 days of schedule.

SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt says the Mets are “very interested” in OF Grady Sizemore.

                I’m really not that stoked about somebody that won’t be ready to play baseball until after the all-star break. I’m even less excited about someone that hasn’t played since he sucked in 2010 (.224, 10-HR, 32-RBI). This is not the 2005-2008 Sizemore. He’s long gone. Just one too many surgeries. It all went to hell 33 games into the 2010 season and Sizemore had to have microfracture surgery on his left knee. He returned in 2011 but went back on the DL after sliding and hurting his right knee, closely followed by his second hernia surgery. Then in 2012, Sizemore had surgery (have you noticed the key word in this paragraph is ‘surgery’?) on his back and complications cost him the entire season. This is not the solution to the Mets outfield problems.

Andrew Hersh‏ - @SNESmaster - @AmazinAvenue Upon hearing this, Sizemore jumped for joy and tore his groin #injuredgradysizemore

                I did watch Kevin Burkhardt on SNY and found his comments on Scott Hairston similar to my thoughts on the same subject. This isn’t a guy looking for a ten year deal. He loves being a Met and he’s let it known publically that all he wants is a two-year deal. Can’t the Mets get this done? The high end of market value here is the recent 2013-2014 $10mil deal given to OF Jonny Gomes by Boston. The low end would be the $1.1mil he was paid last year by the Mets. This was a part time player last season that hit 20 home runs, with an .803 OPS. This has to be worth 2-yrs, $5mil in this market and don’t you want to put this present under your Christmas tree before you close the office down for the holidays?  Come on Sandy, do it. No one is going to hold this one against you.

                                Q - Cody Ross to the Rangers for 2 yrs/15 million. Good/bad deal for Texas?

A – Keith Law - Extra outfielder. That's about twice the $ I think he's worth

Q - Nieuwenhuis, Valdespin, Cowgill: can any of them post average defense in CF or league average bat?

A – Klaw - None of the above.


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