In Search For An Outfielder – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


In Search For An Outfielder – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

So far, we have identified the following outfielders as possible targets for the Mets:

                Atlanta – Reed Johnson
                Arizona – A.J. Pollock
Baltimore – Nolan Reimold
                Boston – Jerry Sands
                Chicago Cubs – Brett Jackson
Chicago White Sox - Dayan Viciedo
Cincinnati – Chris Heisey
                Cleveland – Thomas Neal -
                Colorado – Dexter Fowler
Detroit – none
Kansas City - none
Pittsburgh – Jose Tabata

We now move on to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim… who have eight (8) outfielders (far too many) on their 40-man:

                Peter Bourjos – righty –  pre-ARB -
                Kole Calhoun – lefty –  prospect
                Scott Cousins – lefty –  pre-ARB -
                Josh Hamilton – lefty – $32,400mil thru 2017 -
                Mike Trout – righty –  pre-ARB
                Mark Trumbo – righty –   pre-ARB -
                Vernon Wells – righty –  $24,643mil thru 2014 -
                Travis Witherspoon – righty –

Wow… you’re obviously not moving Hamilton or Trout out of the outfield and no one is touching Wells’ contract. Trout did a little DHing with Albert Pujois last season (yeah, they got him too), but he seems to have successfully made the conversion from first base to the outfield. Now, where do you play him? They just traded for Calhoun so what about Bourjos (.220)? And I didn’t even get to Witherspoon who will never find an opening on this team. Obviously, Bourjos is more reachable, but the Mets need the bat of Trumbo.

Mets target:  Mark Trumbo – 18th rounder in 2004… ya never know… 32-HR, 95-RBI in 2012… will be 27-years old…

Here’s the problem…  this team doesn’t need anything. Offer Flores-Familia and see what happens. 


Reese said...

It wouldn't be nearly enough. To put it in perspective, would you trade Ike Davis for that package? I sure wouldn't.

If you added Valdespin and/or Gorski to the package you might get their attention. Flores hasn't even hit 32 at the minor league level. Trumbo has averaged 30+ for two years.

Mack Ade said...


that's how a negotiation works...

I offer something far less than worth considering...

you ask for more (Valdespin )


Anonymous said...

Still not enough...

They just traded Moreles to Seattle and want to keep Trumbo. Trout Hamilton and Trumbo will start. Wells becomes the highest paid fourth outfielder in the league.

Wells....what the heck happened to him? Worse then the Bay signing.

enyherb said...

I don't think the Angels are going to move Trumbo, who will now be their primary DH, now that they no longer have Morales.

I saw one Mets blogger suggest that the Angels would be willing to pick up $38 million of the $42 million Wells is owed for 2013 & 2014, and that the Mets should take a flyer with him in the hope that a change of scenery is just what he needs to regain the mojo he had in Toronto. Would you do that?

My personal choice for a deal with the Angels is Kole Calhoun. I know, I know, . . he's a lefty, but everyone can't be perfect. He seems major league ready. In 3 minor league seasons his slash line is .309/.396/.525/.920 and in a full season at high A Inland Empire in 2011 he hit 22 HRs and stole 20 bases. My only concern is that I think his 3 minor league seasons were all spent in high altitude, hitter friendly locations, which could inflate his stats.

Mack Ade said...

this just might be a team we'd have to pass on right now

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