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Jefry Marte, 3B: The Mets spent $500,000 to sign Marte out of the Dominican Republic in 2007, seeing him as a power hitter of great potential. He hasn't lived up to that billing, with a career-high mark of nine homers. However, he has been pushed through the system aggressively, playing 2012 at age 20/21 in Double-A. He hit .251/.322/.366 in 462 at-bats for Binghamton this year, with a 43/76 BB/K ratio. Listed at 6-1, 190, Marte is a well-built right-handed hitter, born June 21, 1991. He simply looks like someone who should hit, even though he hasn't really done it yet. He isn't a walk machine, but he makes contact and avoids excessive strikeouts, giving hope that he might tap his power someday if he can add some loft to his line drive swing. His best defensive attribute is a strong throwing arm, and he's made some progress reducing his error rate and loosening up his range, though it will never be more than average. Marte seems like a player who can benefit from a change of scenery. Sickles

I know I’m really fishing here, but there are some guys playing in the winter leagues right now that aren’t associated with any teams. A few aren’t doing too bad:

Juan Carlos Perez – RHH – 26-yrs old - Aguilas Cibaenas/Liga de Beisbol Dominicano - .283/.338/.442/.780 (played for DSL-Florida in 2007)

Kraig Binick – RHH – 28-yrs. old - Mayos de Navojoa/Liga Mexicana del Pacifico - .321/.406/.385/.790 (Orioles system through 2009)

Jason Botts – SH – 32/yrs. old - Caneros de los Mochis/Liga Mexicana del Pacifico - .336/.403/.607/1009, 8-HR – (2011: Buffalo)

Jose Aguillar – RHH – 22/yrs. old - Naranjeros de Hermosillo/Liga Mexicana del Pacifico – 2012: .332/.399/.470/.869

Frank Diaz – RHH – 29/yrs. old – MWL - .329/.391/.468/.859

Botts was an ex-Mets farmhand that might be worth inviting to camp.

The Mets released the following press release Tuesday around 8pm:

RHP Frank Francisco underwent surgery today to remove a bone spur from his right elbow. Francisco is expected to begin throwing in 6 weeks and is expected to be ready for Opening Day of the 2013 season.”

Why do these surgeries always seem to happen closer to opening day rather than closer to closing day? Do you just sit around rubbing your fingers on the spur until you finally get around to calling your doctor? Or, does a spur just pop up sort of like a pimple? Where is the sense of urgency here? He didn’t  pitch after Sept 16 after being diagnosed with right elbow soreness. You pitch like ass while drawing a $6.5mil salary and you know the procedure is going to take a month and a half to heal… so you wait until there’s only three months to go before spring training starts. Can I get a big WTF?

“D’Arnaud is a very interesting prospect because he personifies positional scarcity. There’s nothing overwhelmingly impressive about his skill set. The bat grades out as average right now with some room to grow (I’d really like to see him simplify his set-up, especially by ditching the high leg kick) and I’ve had more than one source put a 6 on the power (I’d go 55, but we’re splitting hairs a bit there) thanks to great leverage in the swing and terrific hip roation. That’s a nice little start but it doesn’t scream “franchise altering bat.” Then you factor in d’Arnaud’s ability to catch, catch really well, throw well and that you project his body to stay behind the plate forever and suddenly we’re looking at one of baseball’s most intriguing prospects. Up the middle talent is hard enough to unearth. This is an up the middle player that shows you four average or better tools right now and still has some developing to do.” - Crashburn


Anthony Carnacchio said...

So who would YOU trade to get Justin Upton in RF?

Soto said...

I wouldn't go after Justin Upton. You know damn well Anthony the asking price is going to be something ridiculous like Wheeler, Flores, AND Syndergaard

Anonymous said...

Agree, why bios the farm just to rape it? If just half the arms reach their potential in '15, the Mets will get an even bigger return for a power right handed stater who's controlled for 5 years. They already have Niese, Harvey, and Gee so they only need two of Wheeler, Fulmer, Syndergaard, Familia, Tapia, and Mateo to make it. Providing two become good starters, there's plenty of good bullpen arms to pick from and now you take your pick of who gets dealt for a supreme outfield talent.

Mack Ade said...

you can absolutely dominate this game with pitching which you can't do with hitting home runs.

There isn't a home run hitter in baseball that doesn't strike out at an unacceptable level, but you put up there 5 pitchers that give you 6.5 innings per game and give up less than 3 runs, you win games.

Remember... San Fran - dead last in HRs - 2 out of the last 3 yrs World Series winners

Reese said...


Who are the AAA outfielders ready or very nearly ready who are blocked on their path to the big leagues on other clubs where Flores might be an interesting start to a trade?

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Gut it.... Gut it! Send Fulmer, Mejia, Dan Decker and the outfielder that was just obtained from the Jays for Upton!

Mack Ade said...


I wish I had the time to research all 29 teams but it's not that easy anymore.

You used to be able to figure that the guys under multi-contracts were safe... now, they are the ones teams are quietly under the table (Upton) trying to move

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