FLASH: Mike Nickeas Included in RA Dickey Trade


The third player heading to Toronto in the RA Dickey Trade has been announced to be C Mike Nickeas while the 4th player to go to New York is 18 yr old OF Wuilmer Becerra

(Uhhhh.....Mack? A little help here on who this guy is??)

New York Mets SP R.A. Dickey agreed to a 2 yr extension with the Toronto Blue Jays to complete a trade that was agreed upon by the two teams this weekend. The extension is worth 2 yrs/$25MM plus his current 1 yr contract at $5MM. Although agreed upon the extension will not be valid until A) Dickey passes his physical and B) the two teams complete the trade agreed upon this past weekend.


ESPN's Buster Olney reports that Dickey is already in Toronto's Spring Training complex in Florida to undergo his physical which means that the official trade announcement may come later this afternoon. Olney also states that some of the $25MM agreed upon will be paid in 2013 as a signing bonus/addition to 2013 salary to reduce the per season cost for 2014 and 2015.


Justin M. said...

I am THRILLED that it is Nickeas going and not one of our pitching prospects. This trade is a home run for Sandy. The kid Becerra was given a $1.1M bonus out of Venezuela in 2011, so there has to be some potential there. Definitely not just a throw-in.

Greg b said...

Mack ,do u hear anything on that 18yr old player we got.i wonder if he was one of those big time international signings.thanks

Justin M. said...


Some good info there from when he was signed. With the Jays he had a nasty injury where he took a pitch to the face, broke his jaw and had to get it wired shut. He's still a baby and a long ways away.

Mack Ade said...


I just put up some info on him...

Big time prospect at time of signing (a la Ahmed Rosario).... a hell of a bigger ceiling than Nickeas.

How would you like to start the day knowing you were going to be paid $440,000 to play baseball in Las Vegas... and you end the day finding out you're now going back to Buffalo.

I give Sandy a ton of credit here, but the market drove this deal.... the value of Dickey just kept rising and Alderson played all the teams against each other like a pro

Justin M. said...

Mack - Have to think Synder starts in Lucie next year. Who gets bumped? The list of guys who probably should be there was too big before this trade. Seems even more likely now Montero starts in AA.

Mack Ade said...

On paper, Lucy is a mess:

Michael Fulmer
Rafael Montero
Luis Mateo
Noah Syndergaard
Jake deGrom
Tyler Pill
Domingo Tapia

TJ Chism
Marcos Camerena
Paul Seward
John Mincone
Chasen Bradford
Estarlin Morel
Carlos Vasquez
Randy Fontanez
Jared West
Brandon Sage
Wanel Mesa
Jim Fuller
Alex Panteliodes
Tyler Vanderheiden

Now, the B-Mets rotation looks weak:

Logan Verrett
Angel Cuan
Cory Mazzoni
Chase Huchington
Erik Goeddel

Jack Leathersich
Jeffrey Walters
Adam Kolarek
Taylor Whitenton
Adrian Rosario
Jeff Kaplan
John Church
Brandon Moore
Hamilton Bennnett
Yohan Almonte

My guess is the Mets will piggy in Florida (under Viola) for April and May

Justin M. said...

Nice problem to have. Looks like we'll be piggy backing in the majors around 2015.

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