In Search For An Outfielder – Boston Red Sox


So far, we have identified one outfielder on one team ripe for picking:

                Baltimore – Nolan Reimold

We now move on to Boston:

                There are currently seven (7) outfielders on the 40-man (plus David Ortiz as DH):

                                Jacoby Ellsbury –  2012 MLB – 303-AB, .271 – free agent in 2014
                                Jonny Gomes – bats right – signed 2-yr., $10mil deal through 2014
                                Alex Hassan – bats right – 2012 AAA: 312-AB, 7-HR, 46-RBI
                                Ryan Kalish – minimal salary – 2012 MLB – 96-AB: .265
                                Daniel Nava – switch hitter – 2012 MLB – 267-AB, .243 – minimal salary -
                                Jerry Sands – bats right – from LAD – 2012 MLB: 23-AB – AAA: 452-AB, 26-HR, 107-AB
                                Shane Victorino – switch hitter – signed 3-yr, $39mil contract – played 2012 for Phil –

              Then, there are two additional outfielders as top prospects:

                                Bryce Brentz – bats right – 2012: 17-HR, 76-RBI for AA
                                Jackie Bradley Jr.  – bats left - .271 for AA, .359 for A+


                Victorino and Gomes just signed so you assume they will play…  Boston has been very vocal that Ellsbury will remain a Red Sox in 2013, but with Sands coming aboard, and Brentz right behind him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t available for the right percentage of salary paid by Boston. The question then becomes does the Mets want someone for one year? This does not fit the Alderson plan.

                What does is a guy like Sands, who will quickly lose whatever job he earns in 2013 to either Brentz of JBJ in 2014.

                Jerry Sands… 25th round pick in 2008… plays all three outfield positions and first base… 119 home runs in five minor league seasons… career .562 slugging percentage and .938 OPS… will play 2013 as a 25-year old. 


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