Soto - Point of Clarification: Current Mets Payroll


Pos Name Salary
SP 1 Johan Santana $31.00 (Includes contract buyout of $5.5MM)
SP 2 Johnathan Niese $3.00
SP 3 Matt Harvey $0.50
SP 4 Dillon Gee $0.50
SP 5 Jhenry Mejia $0.50
CL Frank Francisco $6.50
SU Bobby Parnell $1.50 (MLBTR forecasted arbitration salary)
ROOGY Elvin Ramirez $0.50
LOOGY Josh Edgin $0.50
MR Robert Carson $0.50
MR Jeremy Hefner $0.50
LR Colin McHugh $0.50
C John Buck $6.00
1B Ike Davis $2.80 (MLBTR forecasted arbitration salary)
2B Daniel Murphy $3.00 (MLBTR forecasted arbitration salary)
SS Ruben Tejada $0.50
3B David Wright $8.00 (Additional $3MM deferred till retirement)
LF Lucas Duda $0.50
CF Kirk Nieuwenheis $0.50
RF Mike Baxter $0.50
C Anthony Recker $0.50
IF Justin Turner $0.50
IF Zach Lutz $0.50
OF Collin Cowgill $0.50
UT Jordany Valdespin $0.50
Remaining 40 man
Travis D'Arnaud $0.50
Wilmer Flores $0.50
Reese Havens $0.50
Brandon Hicks $0.50
Juan Lagares $0.50
Cesar Puello $0.50
Juerys Familia $0.50
Greg Burke $0.50
Gonzalez German $0.50
Darin Gorski $0.50
Hansel Robles $0.50
Wilfredo Tovar $0.50
Zack Wheeler $0.50
#39 $0.50
#40 $0.50
Additional Obligations
Jason Bay $6.00 (Additional $15MM deferred to 2014 and 2015)
Bobby Bonilla $1.19 (Deferral to be paid each year until 2035)
Total 2013 Payroll $84.99


Anonymous said...

since when does being on 40 men roster (not 25) require MLB min salary?

Anonymous said...

A player in the minors on the 40 man roster has a minimum salary of 78,500 not 500,000. That decreases the total 2013 payroll by about 6 million.




Reese said...

Assuming it is $78.5 million, how much do we realistically think the Wilpons will spend? Is that it -- are we looking at the 2013 roster? If so, there WILL be an interesting battle in the pennant races between the Mets and Marlins for last place. Whatever happened to the $95 million or so figure that was being bandied about for payroll? If that is the case then the team still has $16.5 million to spend on the dwindling pool of FAs and/or to add payroll via the trade route.

The BIG question is WILL THEY?

Soto said...

I am making the assumption that each 40 man individual will be called up and earn enough time to qualify for MLB league minimum.

Basically me being conservative about cash availability.

Anonymous said...

I think they'd be safe spending around 10 million. However, they've stated in the past that the draft budget is included into the years payroll. So who knows. I'd expect a lot more 600,000-1,000,000 guys who don't leave us feeling better about the teams chances in 13.

Anonymous said...

Either way, this is NY.... And pathetic!!!

LA 230 million
NYM. 95 million


jonah said...

Does spending those 230 million get you to the WS? Or into October?

But I think there is some money left to spend. Or Sandy gets another Gowgill in a small trade and that's it. Perhaps when some players havent signed their price might drop and then Sandy still has money to spend.

Anonymous said...

Man I'm sick of that argument, of course a high payroll doesn't guarantee a WS!! But to have a team in the biggest market need to lose a batting champ and a current Cy young winner because they couldn't afford them is not a good or normal thing. It shouldn't even be possible!!!

You've been programmed to accept it. A lot of us have done that and it's okay because we have no choice at this point. But, now that this team is at a low payroll and trimmed of most of the bad contracts, I'd argue that the Mets SHOULD be able and willing to go out and get an outfield that helps this team compete!! There's no excuse for knowingly fielding a team that's substandard when you play in NY and your payroll is a minimum 25-40 million below an average for other teams in comparable markets.

This isn't being done because its a baseball decision. It's because they must use team revenues to pay off outside debts instead.

They receive 100 million in TV revenue every year between what Sny pays them and what MLB pays every team throught their own tv deal. That MLB number doubles next year by the way.

They get 25 million a year in naming rights. Merchandising and Citifield attendance also is a cash cow. I know they've drawn less in recent years, but 2 million plus is still a lot of cheese.

The mets could easily pay for a better team at a reasonable payroll; they can sustain themselves. Where all this money is going, I don't know? It's not on the field and its hurting the team, their drafts, and the fans.

I know there's two players in Toronto right now that are wondering wether they actually played for a big market club or was it all just a bad dream?

petey said...

Thank you anonymous! Why doesn't everyone see that almost every single move the Mets have made in the Alderson regime involves some kind of salary dump. Wright was extended because he reduced his 2013 salary by $8 million and helped the Wilpons kick the can forward. As far as Dickey, that was 5 million that the Mets were not going to spend. Calling the 3 lotto tickets that we recieved for a Cy Young winner a "coup" is utter nonsense. Cowbell man in LF and now we are set to start the season? C'mon. I'm not asking for the moon but as a NY team, we should be able to fill the holes in our team with players in the 3-5 million dollar range. A payroll of $110 million until Johan's 30+ comes off next season is not outrageous for $60 tickets. Fans need to step up and demand better.

Anonymous said...

That's my point! Is it so outrageous to ask for a 115-120 million dollar payroll? Listen, I actually love the trade, but ONLY because the Wilpons made it nesessary.

When Sandy got here, he said that a team that had a good farm system should need a huge payroll and he's correct. I agree with him completely. However, until they have that feeder fund, they are going to have to spend some money to field a good team. Problem is, they are either unwilling or able to fill the outfield vacancy at this point with somebody with a pulse.

Also, look around...the game is changing. New TV deals are making the market go crazy. My worry is that in 2014 when Santana is completely off the books, the mets are going to be completely gun shy and unwilling to dip into those available funds because the price on just mediocre players has gone through the roof. He said it himself a few days ago...just cause they have the money, doesn't mean they'll spend it if the price is too high.

In today's market, anyone with any skill is cashing in. Jeff Keppingger is making 4 million a year!!! Imagine what Ike will be when he hits free agency, you can kiss him goodbye in a few yrs once he solidifies himself as a glide glove caliber, 35 hr guy. Our only hope is that guys like Nimmo, Puello's, Vaughn, and Lupo fulfill their potential, cause I don't see this team making it in today's market. Not with a 95 million payroll, not with trying to compete against a league of big spenders.

Mack Ade said...


the point is... due to the economy, real estate values drops, Madoff scandal and interest payments due, this is an ownership team that can not field a $130mil+ payroll... now.

You may not like it... I don't... but I can't make them sell it.

And, if you keep going to their games and buying their caps and shirts, they can keep doing what they want with this team

Mack Ade said...

guys, I'm really trying to have an intelligent conversation here but my head is spinning with all these anonymous names.

Why is it everyone on MetsBlog and Metsmerized has at least a made up name?

Is it because Matt and Joe D doesn't accept anonymous comments?

Of course it is... come on... pick the name of your dog... or your first girlfriend, which could be the name of your dog... just pick a name and join the site so the rest of us can get into your head and see how each of you think

we finally got this comment thing going here... even Petey came back.

Who's next, Phlavio?

Rey P said...

"Anonymous" monikers should be banned for life, just like Pete Rose, though not quite the same impact, I must admit. ;-) Great post, Soto. I love this stuff!

Mack Ade said...

I can take the steps necessary to prevent anyone from posting a comment under an "anonymous" name...

your call, guys

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