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Only 3 People Were In Line When Marlins Single-Game Tickets Went On Sale

Michael Bourn agrees to sign with Indians ($48mil/4-yrs)

          The Mets made the same yrs/$ offer and Bourn said that the Mets were his first choice… if….  The whole draft pick thing could be resolved in the next few days rather than the next few weeks/months. The bullshit wore him down and I can’t blame him. All the guy wanted to do was report to camp.

Now, you have to go look in the face of the guys you have on the team and tell them you always loved them but were willing to pay someone else $48mil to take their jobs away.

I think there will be better $48-60mil options in 2013-2014 trading/FA season. I can live with this

          I hope the Mets stop the madness and jut go to camp with what they have. Who cares that Cleveland now has three CFs. Put Duda in LF, Baxter in RF, and Cowgill/Kirk I CF and go play ST. Valpespin 5th option.

I also would elevate Lagares, den Dekker, and Zapata at AAA. Back them with Lutz in training and Eric Campbell as utility.

Lasly, dump the fodder… Hoffman, Brown, Patterson, and Wilson.

Next wave in AA – Vaughn, Cecillini, Puello, and Harris nat AA.
Gomez, Taijerson, Thurber at A+

          We’ll get back to this around the all-star break.

Ed Ryan ‏@Mets_Fever

MHealeySports Im less dissappointed w/ missing Bourn then in missing him the reality that there is no true outfield plan comes to fruition

Baseball Prospectus came out with their PECOTA projections and the Mets did fairly well:

Washington Nationals – 88-74
Atlanta Braves – 82-80
New York Mets – 80-82
Philadelphia Phillies – 80- 82
Miami Marlins – 66-96

Is this division really that close? What have we said?  Pitching, pitching, pitching. This is how San Francisco has won two of the last three World Series.

Johan Santana - 3.43
Jon Niese - 4.09
Shaun Marcum - 3.32
Matt Harvey - 3.59
Dillon Gee - 4.08

It’s impossible to ignore the talent in this team’s rotation and, as we all know, it’s only going to get better.

Rich Donnelly is returning as the manager at Single-A Brooklyn, the Mets announced. Hitting coach Bobby Malek and pitching coach Marc Valdes will also return to the team.

I watched and listened to TC yesterday during the press conference and there simply was too much time spent talking about guys that have a chance of making the club. If all you do is talk about people like Andrew Brown, Zach Lutz, and Justin Turner, your team has a long way to go... it sure sounds like Frankie Frank is on the outs again and the closer is wide open. This is sure starting to sound a lot like the last days of Jason Bay. He's got inflammation again? He couldn't figure that out in the off-season? This is a lazy $6mil contract waiting to run out.


Justin M. said...

I'd rather Frankie get put out to pasture. We have some promising young arms who could get some good experience in the ML pen with that roster spot. And it would be good to give Parnell the chance to close rather than that knucklehead Francisco.

Charles said...

If Fransisco gets well and pitches decent, he's another trade chip.

We should all be routing for him, Santana, Marcum...you name it. Anyone who isn't tied into 2014 and beyond I look at as a chance to get a decent prospect. I'm even hoping that Reese Havens takes Murphy's job at some point this season.

Murphy is almost an automatic .290-.310 hitter who'll give you decent play at second and 40 doubles. If that doesn't get you a great prospect from a team like the Dodgers at the deadline then throw Santana into the trade as well.

Of course, this all hinges on Havens being healthy AND productive enough to justify moving Murphy. That's a big if...

Reese Kaplan said...

I hate to beat a dead horse but you don't have to depend on Havens supplanting Murphy. If you can flip him for something better, there's Valdespin as well who will add both speed and power to the position, albeit at a deficit of perhaps 30 points in batting average.

Anonymous said...

Why are we so quick to supplant Murphy?

If he's a guarantee to hit .290 to .310 with 40 Doubles while playing league average 2B for cheap, why would you trade that?

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