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Terry Collins had some very nice things to say about outfielder Mike Baxter, someone we probably have taken for granted.

He pointed out something I didn't realize... Baxter led off when the Mets were playing their best before the All-Star break.

We may need to take a deeerp look here.

Baxter is a 27-year old from one of my old neighborhoods, Jamaica, New York. He came out of Vandy as a 4th round 2005 pick by San Diego.  He played the 2010 season at AAA with a stat line of: .301/.382/.517/.899, 18-HR, 72-RBI and finished up with eight at--bats for the Padres.

Baxter began the 2011 season on rehab, which was the Mets gain. He was claimed by the Mets on July 22nd. He played sporadically for the Mets, Buffalo, and St. Lucie, was released at the end of the year, but was resigned for the 2012 season, where he became an important 4th outfielder for the Mets.

Baxter's time may not have come yet. He's basicaly done nothing wrong, and does have a respectable stat line of .253/.354/.407/.761, after 221-ABs over 3-years at the major league level.

As important, he's an excellent defensive outfielder that will help win a few games with his glove.

Can he hit lefties? How would we know if he only had 19 at bats against them last year.

Let's remember that 2010 stat line:

                             .301/.382/.517/.899, 18-HR, 72-RBI

That's full time with 482 at-bats, so we may not have written the last story on Mr. Baxter here.


Charles said...

Wow, I never realized he had that type of power potential.

Just come close to that, Mike, and we'll all be happy.

Herb G said...

I've always regarded Baxter as nothing more than a decent 4th outfielder option. Maybe we should look more closely at him. Looks like he will get his chance to shine this year.

Mack Ade said...

Look, he's done what was asked of him... he put up big numbers in the highest minor league level.

Now, he's in the majors, and he gets his first real shot.

You put his 2010 stat line next to a name like George Springer or Michael Choice and we'd all be dancing in the halls.

He's going to start on opening day and my guess is he will be the lead-off hitter.

Let's step back and give the guy his shot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mack, love your site man.
Baxter's 2010 season.. that wasn't in the las vegas league was it??

We all know 2013 isn't going to be our year. I think it's a good time to "see what we got" with a few of these guys. Duda, Baxter, Valdispin.. I hope they all get significant at bats this year.

Mack Ade said...


it was done for Portland in the PCL

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