2-24-13 – Zack Wheeler, Cory Mazzoni, Collin Cowgill, Darin Gorski


-How can you not be excited about Zack Wheeler after watching that? Yes, the fastball was all over the place, but the velocity sat 93-96 ( I did record him once at 97). The good news was the fact that his fastball did have sink and it seems to just jump out of his hand, mainly due to the fact that he hides the ball so well at the time of release. His slider actually was more accurate and effective. It seemed to me that someone forgot to tell him that he’s not going to make the roster this year, but, trust me, the beat guys will be all over this with Terry in the post-game presser.

-You have to be happy with the 4th inning at bat of 2B Jordany Valdespin. He worked that pitcher and hung in there for the pitch that scored Marlon Byrd and tied the game. Last year, Valdespin would have easily made the third out, but he fought off pitch after pitch.

-Speaking of a good debut, Marlon Byrd sure looked like the old version that once was an all-star.

-I find it interesting that Cory Mazzoni was ‘showcased’ in the first exhibition game of the season. No one knows exactly how to project this kid. He’s another of those control pitchers that doesn’t rely on his fastball to blow you away. Case in point were the two strikeouts he produced in the 5th inning using his off-speed stuff. I have Mazzoni going back to Binghamton where he had 14 starts last season (5-5, 4.46). There just doesn’t seem to be any room for him in Las Vegas and he needs to master AA first, like he did the first half of the year for St. Lucie (12-starts, 5-1, 3.25).

There was nothing wrong with OF Collin Cowgill’s first Mets at-bat.  First, he doubles in the leading run and then scores from second on a groundball error to first base. This is the kind of hustle 

Terry Collins talked about earlier this week
Jed Weisberger‏ - @jedleyq -
Considering Cowgill came to the #Mets for disappointing prospect Jefry Marte, any contribution he makes is a huge plus.

Anthony DiComo‏ - @AnthonyDiComo
Overheard in #Mets clubhouse: "We need more Cowgill!" I smell a t-shirt...

Darin Gorski was next on the mound. Gorski threw only in the 88-90 range and they keep saying he’s being considered as a lefthander out of the Mets bullpen this year. Gorski’s go-to pitch is his curve and he lives on the corners. He wasn’t as sharp in the second inning and almost hit 40 pitchers, but he got out of the outing with no runs scores which gave Wheeler-Mazzoni-Gorski a 6.0-IP, 0-R stat line.

OMG, Reese Havens got an at-bat. Ground out. Gone.

The knuckle-curve of Bobby Parnell was impressive.


Charles said...

Wheeler looked like an ace. He had such an easy delivery and this tall and lanky pitcher made me smile at the thought of opening day 2015...

By then, I expect Dillon Gee to be traded for a great outfield prospect. There's just no room for him since you'd want to keep the left handed Niese on the team. Now, like I was saying, opening day 2015, Wheeler takes the hill and in the dugout sits Matt Harvey, Jon Niese, Noah Sybdergaard, and Rafeal Montero...

I expect Terry Collins will be sitting at one end of the dugout, near the bats, with a jeweler sizing up his ring finger. They'll be a call at that point, Geren will answer it, and after hearing what the guy on the other end says, he'll nod his head and say "no problem, will do.", before hanging it up. Terry will look over and give a look that says, "what's up?".

"Sandy says, send the jeweler up to his office when he's done down here." Bob will tell him.

Terry will smile. He knows the jeweler won't get up to Sandy's office that day. He only just measured Terry's ring finger and there's still four more to go on his hand and then the rest of the coaches and players come next. All with five fingers that need measuring...

Shankbone said...

Caught a few innings - Wheeler looked great, there won't be any sour grapes from this Giants fan. Hides the ball and easy velocity. The fact he is a great kid and incredibly nice is some good icing.

I caught the 4th inning Valdespin AB, that was a nice adjustment. He is definitely a character at the plate.

Mack Ade said...


I'm doing a new feature on projecting and building the rotations this year... it will point out just how many good pitching prospects there are that simply have to be traded

Mack Ade said...


Spin is a thug, but, I guess, he's our thug.

That bat can win you some games.

Rammy Yogendra said...


Spin tries to give off that "gangsta" vibe but as long as he performs and doesn't get caught up with the antics, I actually like the comical flare he brings.

Gorski and Mazzoni are 2 guys I'm really interested in watching this year. I believe they will be gone in trades within the next 2 years.

Charles said...

I know Mack, but to me, you'd actually get more by trading a solid 3/4 rotation member like Gee, then a untested in MLB prospect. Plus, with a cost conscious FO, those young arms are more likely to be kept.

Also, when you consider that whoever replaces Gee from their current pitching prospects, chances are you'd be upgrading the rotation for much cheaper and upgrading either the team or minor league system by trading him.

Mack Ade said...


Oh, we have plenty of pitches to trade.

Michael S. said...

I think most of the Mets' future pitching rotation is already spoken for. Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, and Syndergaard will hold down the rotation and I think Mazzoni, Gorski, DeGrom, Edgin, and Parnell will make up most of the bullpen. That's 9 out of 11 spots that might already bee sewn up.

That puts the Mets in prime position for deals. I have to disagree will Charles a bit here, in that I think another MLB team will value a younger pitcher with a SP1 or SP2 upside over an established SP4 or SP5 like Gee.

Regardless, imagine Sandy being able to walk into the Winter Meetings with Gee, Mejia, Familia, Montero, Tapia, Mateo, Fulmer, and Robles to trade from.

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