FLASH (UPDATE): Prospect RHP Erik Goeddel Injured During Drill

News emerged late afternoon that right handed pitcher Erik Goeddel was struck on the left side of his face by a baseball during a drill in the Mets STEP program. Mets officials stated that Goeddel may need surgery which could possibly derail his 2013 season.

Mets fans will remember that 2 years ago another prospect, Sean Ratliff, was struck in the face by a line drive foul ball that required multiple facial surgeries and ended his career when he couldn't recover his vision.

Best of Luck to Goeddel and here's to hoping for a quick and easy recovery if surgery is needed.

Mack Ade - ‏@JohnMackinAde
           @cam_maron - how is Erik Goeddel? Surgery?
Cam Maron‏ - @cam_maron
            he's doing all right, I'm not sure about surgery or anything

Alex Panteliodis: Mack, he is in really good spirits. don't think surgery is needed..."


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