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JD Sussman is the founder of Bullpen Banter… The Bullpen Banter Team is dedicated to providing outstanding baseball analysis from various points of view. Each writer represents a different area in the country which provides each writer with the unique ability to gauge the thoughts of both the mainstream media and the fans in the region while visiting various minor league, college and high school venues and events.

Morning JD. Thanks for joining us.

1. Judging that there is a new television deal in place and the fact that the New York real estate market has rebounded, can we assume that the Mets can’t deal up the ‘we are broke’ card again in future drafts and off-seasons?

Thanks for having me, Mack. The Mets have a new television deal? I haven't heard that and considering the Mets are handcuffed to SNY, it's doubtful that they see a revenue boon' like we saw on the West Coast. Now, the Dodgers and Angels' deals should tell us something about SNY's prospective profitability, but it's possible SNY is so highly leveraged that the creditors see future profit, not the Mets' roster.

2. No one has been more perplexed at the under-slotting and lack of drafting power names early on in the drafts. Do you see any change in this come June by Sandy Alderson and Paul DePodesta?

Because of the new draft rules promulgated in the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement, we only have a one year sample of Alderson and his team's Rule 4 strategy. I expect the team takes the player they believe to be the best available.

3. I was lucky to spend a couple of years in the clubhouse during spring training. The team has lost a handful of real nice guys this past off-season. In your opinion, how important is team chemistry off the field and what happens when some wild card (like Kelly Shoppach or Jordany Valdespin) shows up?

I believe team chemistry important to success, but I wouldn't advocate for a less talented team to improve chemistry. In the end, players are human and their on field performance is subject to variation due to external factors like family and teammates. Anyone can distracted, bring a confrontation onto the field with them or teammates and coaches can help development. It's impossible to quantify how much an individual can help or hurt team chemistry, but to assume it doesn't exist is foolish.

4. The 2015 rotation looks like Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese, Noah Syndergaard, and ??? Care to make a guess who the SP5 will be?

One would hope that the Mets are able to acquire a major free agent, but if I had to stick within the system I'd say Rafael Montero.

5. Queens wise, in your opinion, when do we see our next Mets playoff game?

The Mets could overtake Atlanta and earn a Wild Card birth in 2016.


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