2-18-13 – Week schedule, Rafael Montero, Johan Santana, Jose Valverde


Today is the first full team workout. Week schedule:

          Monday: First full-squad workout, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Tuesday-Thursday: Regular workouts, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Friday: Possible intrasquad scrimmage, TBD
Saturday: Grapefruit League opener vs. Nationals, 12:10 p.m.

Mets manager Terry Collins confirmed on Saturday that Zack Wheeler will begin the 2013 season at Triple-A

Rammy Yogendra  is one of our loyal readers and is currently down in Port St. Lucie. He’s reporting back some of his thoughts on various members of the team:

Got a chance to check out the facility today.   John Buck and Frank Francisco were really friendly guys to chat with.  What stood out for me was Rafael Montero's arm.  Like your blog has mentioned over and over again, that guy has a cannon of an arm.  He is a little guy compared to Jeurys Familia but man, that guy does look like a younger Pedro.

We hope to hear more from him tonight.

The 33-year-old Santana’s work will be scrutinized all spring as the Mets try to get the left-hander through a full season for the first time since 2008. Manager Terry Collins wants Santana on the mound for Opening Day, on April 1 against the Padres at Citi Field, and another 30-35 subsequent starts.

We’ve said it time again. All we want I around an 8-4, 3.85 record at the all-star break. This gets us a trade for a top prospects, hopefully someone that can play in the Mets outfield in 2014..

Folks, stay with me here and this is not an exercise in rushing anyone.

Rafael Montero will pitch 2013 as a 23-year old and will start the season in Binghamton.

Jenrry Meia will pitch 2013 as a 24-year old and will begin the 2013 season in the AAA rotation.

          And Noah Syndergaard will pitch A+ ball as a 21-year old.

And combination of two out of three of these guys coud finish the 2013 season ready to make the jump to Queens. The long shot here would be Syndergaard, but it’s being done all over the league so don’t tell me he can’t go lights out in St. Lucie the first half of the season, lights out in Binghamton the second half, an invite up in September, and a real chance in camp in 2014.

The dream rotation we have been writing about and waiting for may be upon as soon as April 2014.

But first… we need a decent year from Johan so we can go out and get ourselves someone in the George Springer-class of prospects.

The Mets continue to play down ant rumors that they are interested in signing relief pitcher Jose Valverde. Both Adam Rubin/ESPN  and Mark Craig/Newsday play it down at this point in the camp. There seems to be plenty of veteran presence in camp now and the recent addition of Brandon Lyon should close the door for the season.

Frankly, it wouldn’t shock me me if Frank Francisco knocked on the door and found no one was home when he gets around to getting in shape. Sandy Alderson and Fred Wilpon have proven before they aren’t afraid to eat a bad contract (and, for those of you still out there that wonder why they didn’t want to give Michael Bourn a 5th year, do the homework over the past five years and add up the eaten money on bad, long term deals by this team).


Christopher Soto said...

Mack- Even if Syndergaard goes lights out in Single A and Double AA there's no way he comes up to the major league team.

Not on the 40 man and its already crowded with prospects.

FYI thanks for the post explaining draft pick slotting fees and how the CBA effects it this weekend....I was getting tired of explaining that.

FYI #2: Email is down...Job tried to move email servers this weekend overseas and sure enough they are having problems getting it back up.

Justin M. said...

Mack - don't you think Santana's track record (1 September start in the past four seasons) will significantly lower his trade value? I worry that teams will be scared off, no matter how well he is pitching come July.

Christopher Soto said...

Not to mention his price tag even for 2 months. $5.16MM per month for two months= $10.3MM.

Justin M. said...

I think it goes without saying that the Mets need to pick up most of the bill if they want a top prospect in return.

Mack Ade said...

Santana's trade value will only be based on whether a team feels he can get him to and through the playoffs.

There will be no 2014 contract for Johan from that team and the Mets will have to pay most of the 2013...

As long as all these factors come into play (+ health) it will generate a decent trade for a prospect.

Mack Ade said...

Hey Soto... can't a guy have a half full glass around here :)

I agree that I'm stretching Synder...

The interesting thing would be if Mejia pitched lights out this first half of the season in Las Vegas (good luck in that league)...

We're all figuring that Wheeler would replace either Santana (trade) or Gee (demotion), but what if Mejia is ready too?

Christopher Soto said...

Mets will try to trade Santana first, Marcum second, Gee third. This will be based on how many AAA arms are ready come August.

McHugh will be the first call up in the event someone gets hurt.

If a second arm is needed before June, Mejia will be second. If not Wheeler will be second and Mejia third.

Mack Ade said...

don't forget trading Buck

David Rubin said...

Johan DOES have a 2014 option that hits if he gets to 215 innings, which is the longest of long-shots. The team acquiring him would be responsible for that option.

Happy Birthday, Mack!!!!!

Christopher Soto said...


I'm starting to get the sense that the Mets REALLY like having Buck around and won't be inclined to trading him due to his relationship with d'Arnaud.

They'll non-tender him and bring him back under a cheaper contract IMO.

Mack Ade said...

thank you David

Mack Ade said...


As I understand it, d'Arnaud follows Buck EVERYWHERE

Charles said...

Happy birthday Mack...

I don't see them demoting Gee, who by July might have a damn good record. Lets not forget just how good he really is.

If healthy and pitching well, I'm sure Santana is first on the block, but the Mers will have to pay a lot if his salary. They picked up Beltrans salary to get a better prospect, look for then to do the same here.

Also, if the Mets are actually playing well, nobody could be traded.

Gee, to me, only gets traded in the off season AFTER he proves healthy enough for an entire season and only if he has a good season. If that happens, then sure, he could be dealt and then look for then to find another Marcum.

Look, the Mariners got Kendry Moreles for Jason Vargas. Gee is a better pitcher so I think he's worth a better player. Most likely an outfield prospect; a legit one, close or ML ready.

This all can shake out a bunch of different ways. It'll be more interesting then the games.

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