5 Questions With… MetsBlog Michael Baron


          Michael Baron began photographing baseball games in high school, which eventually hooking up with Mathew Cerrone, head honcho of the 4th largest sports blogs in the country, www.metsblog.com.

Afternoon Michael, and first of all, Happy Birthday. I know you’re thrilled to be at spring training, but I’m sure you’d rather be with the family tonight.

Let’s talk Mets…

   1.    Well, I can't speak for you, but I'm thrilled the Bourn mess has come to an end. In your opinion, was $48-60mil worth it for someone who bat left, is over 30, and everyone just didn't seem to sign off on off under normal circumstances?

Absolutely, Mack - I'm happy to at least be moving on from the discussion.

Was it worth it? If they could have retained the draft pick, yes. The Mets do not have any outfielders on the horizon, nor do they have any catalyst for the top of the order at the top of the farm system either. Bourn would have helped bridged that gap, despite his shortcomings. Is he the perfect player? Absolutely not. But he would have filled a need for the next four years and something the Mets simply can't expect to produce over that time. And, he would have filled a hole they will likely need to address next winter as well.

   2.     Michael, you spent a lot of time last year photographing and analyzing the great pitching rotation that the Brooklyn Cyclones had. Was there any one particular starter you liked better than the others, and why?

I actually didn't have an opportunity to watch Brooklyn last year, but I did get to see St. Lucie on several occasions. One pitcher who stood out to me was LHP Jack Leathersich. He's small, but very deceptive and is a strikeout machine. He could be someone worth watching as the season progresses.

    3.    There have been a bunch of nice guys that are no longer in the Mets clubhouse. We all know how important team chemistry is both on and off the field. I know’s it’s early in camp, but are you getting the feeling that this team is pumped?

Yes I do, of course being pumped and executing are two separate things. I like how everyone seems to get along. Terry has created a very open and energetic environment, and it's fun to be around them and associate with them, as both someone who covers them and as a fan of the team.

    4.    You, Matt, and the guys over at MetsBlog have quite the success on your hands. Everybody likes to take shots at you, but, by the end of the day, you have quite the success on your hands. Any advice out there for a young blogger just starting out trying to make a name for herself (himself)?

Find a unique niche, and press on, even if success is hard to find at times. Most of all, have fun, stay passionate and dedicate yourself to your niche and unique angle.

    5.    Lastly Michael (and thanks for your time), tell us five things that are going to surprise us by the end of the season?

That's a tough question, because I think there are a lot of moving parts with the Mets. But, ill give it a shot:

1) Wilmer Flores will emerge as a second baseman, even if he doesn't make it to the major leagues this year.

2) Reese Havens and Zach Lutz will stay healthy.

3) Matt den Dekker will be a starting outfielder before too long.

4) The bullpen is going to be an under-appreciated component of the team.

5) The Mets will win the subway series in 2913.


Justin M. said...

I realized it was a typo, but I laughed at "The Mets will win the Subway Series in 2913".

I've been enjoying these Q&A's Mack. Good stuff.

Charles said...

Me too Mack...thanks for going out and getting these guys to answer questions. I have always loved MM's. keep it up.

Mack Ade said...

Justin, I'm not sure it was a typo

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