Frank Francisco Shut Down Indefinitely

It was announced today that ongoing elbow inflammation has caused the Mets to shut down Frank Francisco for an indefinite period. According to Terry Collins, Francisco's condition was not unexpected after he underwent surgery to remove a bone spur in his right elbow last December. Francisco attempted throwing last week, but was unable to continue. The training staff subsequently advised him to cease all pitching activities until the inflammation subsides. There is no word on when he might be able to resume throwing again.

Collins indicated that he and pitching coach, Dan Warthen, would be monitoring Fransisco's condition closely. While he said he believes Francisco can still be on track to open the season as the Mets closer, they want to be sure that he gets in enough innings during spring training to be ready for the stress of the season. In the event that Francisco is not fully ready, Collins stated "we'll have to look in other directions." When asked at a press conference televised on SNY about those other directions, Collins responded “Well we have Brandon Lyon who we brought in, and we still have Bobby [Parnell]. Both of them have closed at this level before. Maybe Josh Edgin can get some save opportunities this Spring. He could also be a possibility.”

Mike Puma of the N.Y. Post stated that Collins went further, stating to him that “he wants Bobby Parnell to take over as the team’s closer.” According to Puma, Collins said “We keep talking about 2014 … why not get a head start? . . I’m not panicking, but you’ve got to get somebody ready, and Bobby to me is that guy.” When questioned by Adam Ruben of ESPN New York,  pitching coach Dan Warthen was quoted as saying “His last 11 outings, he [Parnell] didn’t give up anything. I thought his maturity changed. I thought he and Niese both had breakout years last year. And I think he’s there. I think he’s ready to close.”

Could this situation eventually cost Francisco his job as the Mets' closer? From the talk we are hearing, it certainly sounds like it.


TP said...

Parnell may be able to progress to closing, but given his track record I cannot place a lot of conficence in him based on 11 Sept outings in no pressure games. There is no excuse not to add an available proven MLB closer to the mix, since there are still some unemployed right now.

Soto said...

Here are the relievers still available.

Jose Contreras
Francisco Cordero
Juan Cruz
Joey Devine
Livan Hernandez
Jason Isringhausen
Bobby Jenks
Guillermo Mota
Brad Penny
Rafael Perez
Francisco Rodriguez
JC Romero
Jose Valverde
Brian Wilson

Soto said...

Of that list I would sign NONE of them. The only proven closers on here are K-Rod, Valverde, and Wilson.

K-Rod had personal issues in NYC that I'm sure the Mets brass would not bring back, Valverde would cost the 1st round pick soo no way in hell, and Wilson wont be ready till June at the earliest

Herb G said...

TP, if Warthen is right that Parnell has matured and now has the wherewithall to close, he deserves the chance. He's been on the radar for a while now, and we need to see if he's got what it takes. If Bobby is not up to the task, Lyon will get the call. Edgin has the make-up and could show in ST that he deserves a shot. And, although unmentioned in the post, Familia should be considered a possibility as well. Even Mejia might get a chance to show his stuff if other possibilities are exhausted.

All in all, I have to agree with Soto. There really isn't anyone out there that I would feel comfortable with. I might take a chance on a low cost deal with Wilson, figuring he could move into the pen at mid season, making one of the other relievers available to trade. But he is not an option to move into the closer's spot to start the season.

I have to say I really like the corps of relievers we now have. Sandy did a great job in adding Burke, Atchison, Feliciano, Hawkins and Lyon to the mix. I have a feeling it is going to be difficult to pick the 4 best to add to Parnell, Lyon and Edgin, (who I believe are locks) assuming Francisco starts the season on the DL.

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