INTERVIEW: Mack Ade of “Mack’s Mets”


I’m very pleased to welcome Mack Ade to the palatial (though,  sadly, gypsy moth-infested) offices here at “2 Guys” central. Mack was one the early pioneers of the Mets blogging community, for nearly ten years providing fans with good, solid coverage of Mets minor leaguers and the amateur draft. If you haven’t been there, you should bookmark his site, Mack’s Mets.
Greetings, Mack. Come on in. You can just push some of that — yeah, that’s right, justshove that crap out of the way — grab one of those milk grates, flip it over, and take a seat. You’ll get used to the gypsy moths hovering around. It’s the little tambourines that’ll drive you crazy, heh-heh. So let’s just get on with the interview!


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