Matthew Silva - The Duda Does Not Abide

When talking about the Mets outfield situation, there are so many uncertainties to account for. Unfortunately, Lucas Duda has become one of them.

After striking out in six of his seven at-bats, Lucas Duda will sit out of spring training games in an effort to get in more work on his new swing. Duda has removed the toe-tap from his approach in an effort to quiet his hands and remove any hint of a hitch. Or as Walter Sobchak might say, "Forget about the f%@#-ing toe!"

Terry Collins chalked the slow start up to Duda not having enough swings under his belt due to his recent wrist surgery. Right now, The Duda does not abide. Collins said, "He and I had a long talk today, and he's just not ready to play due to the wrist injury. He had just not been able to get the reps in the cage that he normally does to feel comfortable. And, as you guys know, I'm not here to embarrass anybody. So when he's ready to play, we're going to get him back in there."

I, the royal we, understand that it is only two games in spring training, but if we're going to get excited about hopeful bright spots like Collin Cowgill and Greg Burke, then we have to show some sort of concern for a player that seems to be moving backwards. 

Duda, as scary as it sounds, is the elder statesman in the outfield. He needs to represent a constant. He is supposed to be the effective power bat that is forgiven for all of his defensive inefficiencies and as well all know there are many. But in order for us to forgive, we need him to hit. He can't have his strikes and gutters, ups and downs. Or else, this team will truly struggle.

We can only hope that he finds himself in the batting cage or he hits a groove that apparently he hasn't been able to find. Relax, Lucas.

Be less Duda and more His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino. Get your timing back, because the Mets just went through a whole season of Jason Bay trying to find himself at the plate and we don't want you to be that guy, Duder. Eat the bat. Don't let the bat eat you.


TP said...

We need to take a deep breath regading the Dude, and for that matter Santana, or anyone else not looking too good. It's February, this is warm-up, and MLB history is full of no names that tore it up in ST only to come up small when the real games begin. I just hope guys stay healthy.

Mack Ade said...

#1 - he's back in the lineup today

#2 - he will play Queens as a starter in 2013

shit happens and, right now, shit is all over him...

he'll be fine... 26-HR, 78-RBI, .278

Justin M. said...

If he hits .278 he is going to hit more than 26 HR.

Mack Ade said...

oh, I meant 278 Ks

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