5 Questions With… SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt


Kevin Burkhardt joined SNY in 2007, and is the network’s Mets field reporter. Burkhardt also is the play-by-play announcer for several Mets Spring Training games. During the off-season, he serves as the host of “Mets Hot Stove”, and contributes to other SNY programs including hosting “SNY Spotlight” and filing news reports for the network’s “Geico SportsNite” show. Prior to joining SNY, Burkhardt had been with WFAN since 2003.

First of all, thank you for participating in this feature.

   1.    I have to ask you from one old radio guy to another… it’s got to be some trip standing on the field and reporting for the team you love. Job of a lifetime?
Kevin - I'm a very lucky guy, no doubt. I listened to so many Mets games growing up, and it's a thrill to know people invite me into their homes every night and trust me.

    2.     Kevin, we have all fell into this “2014” thing and we know that C Travis d’Arnaud and SP Zack Wheeler will lead the wave of new kids coming out of the season. Shouldn’t I be concerned that most of our top prospects came from trades, not through the draft?

Why does it matter where the prospects came from?  As long as the farm system improves, it allows the team the option to bring up young stars or to have the option to trade them.

  3.    Considering the Mets have already acquired a prospect catcher under team control, a quality rotational pitcher, a viable backup catcher with experience, a potential 2015 SP3, a top Latin prospect, and three possible veteran pen additions, shouldn’t Sandy Alderson be given kudos for a good off-season regardless of whether or not a new outfielder makes the grade?

Hard to say that though when you won't know how these players pan out for a couple years. I feel like Alderson will be judged on Wheeler/d'Arnaud and what their careers turn out to be.

4.    Let me ask you a question people usually ask me. Other than the obvious three (Travis d’Arnaud, Zack Wheeler, Noah Synergaard), are there any minor leaguers you are particularly excited about this season?

I think Wilmer Flores. Unfortunately he is a 3B by trade, but he can hit. Biggest thing now is finding him a position. They tried him at 2B a lot last year...

   5.    And lastly Kevin (btw, thanks again for you precious time)… I’m real excited about the extended coverage we are going to have on SNY this season during the hour before the game starts. Could you tell us about some of the kewl stuff we can look for?

If I told you that, I'd have to kill you ;) (kidding). Thanks for the time!


Justin M. said...

Nice get, Mack. I'm curious about the one hour pre-game show also. Was hoping that maybe they'd do one tomorrow, but my DVR guide torpedoed that thought.

Mack Ade said...

Kevin has always been nice to me dating back to my press days... big reader of the site.

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