2-26-13 – Gavin Cecchini, International Signings, Monday Night Highlights


Question to BA: During the Top 100 chat, J.J. Cooper mentioned that you could provide a list of all the players who received votes but didn't make the list. Can you please do that?

BA: Eight players made all seven Top 150s but fell short of the overall Top 100: Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams, Pirates outfielder Josh Bell, Braves catcher Christian Bethancourt, Mets shortstop Gavin Cecchini, Rays righthander Alex Colome, Cubs outfielder Brett Jackson, Red Sox catcher Blake Swihart and Brewers righty Tyler Thornburg.

BA – Top International Signing - New York Mets

 Top signing: SS Amed Rosario, Dominican Republic, $1.75 million.

Six-figure signings: LHP Adrian Almeida (Venezuela), RHP Ronald Guedez (Venezuela), SS Franklin Correa (Dominican Republic), SS Miguel Patino (Venezuela), RHP Nicolas Debora (Dominican Republic), RHP Marcos Molina (Dominican Republic).

Quick Take: Dominican shortstop Amed Rosario landed the biggest bonus ($1.75 million) of the 2012-13 international signing period. The Mets supplemented his signing with a host of intriguing arms.

                        Pitching, pitching, pitching…

                        These kids would be high school sophomores, so forget any projections here. Save this list and hope that two of these make a difference five years from now.

                        Yeah, I know… three shortstops. Actually, that’s a good sign. The most talented kids either play short or pitch. You can always move them around or someday trade them for other positional prospects.

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RT @DKnobler: One scout who saw Wheeler debut Sat."Same stuff as Strasburg. That will go down as best trade Alderson will make in his life."

Highlights from Monday night:

    2B Wilmer Flores executed two double plays... yes, I said second base Wilmer Flores...

    Three runs were charged to Collin McHugh's 2.1 innings; however, Brandon Lyon did very little to help the situation. Officially, Lyon walks away with a 0.00 ERA, but, internally, the team can't be happy with his first outing.

    Love the cross body and sink movement to lefties by RHP Elvin Ramirez. He also got the curve working well in his second inning. Sadly, he leaves the game with a 5.40 ERA due to a 2-out infield lucky single, followed  by a stolen base and a single. He should have been out of the inning with no runs scored, but the important thing here is the 4-Ks and 0-BB. These are the kind of numbers he always produced... in the minors...  and never produced... in the majors.

    Huge Ike Davis homer.

    We've written for two years that Matt den Dekker is considered the top defensive outfielder in the system. He proved that again when he robbed Anthony Rendon of a home run. But, as everyone knows, you don't get to play this game every day at the major league level unless you can hit the game.

    3B Zach Lutz continues to prove that he needs to be kept around in case David Wright has an injury. An impressive double.

    OF Juan Lagares wanted to make sure everyone knows he's still around (with a 2-run single in the 8th).
(By the way... one of the reasons the Nats have so many great players (Anthony Rendon), is the fact they don't under-slot their early picks)




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