Who Were The 11th Pick In The Draft? - 2000-2012


Who Were The 11th Pick In The Draft?

2012 – Pace H.S. (FL) SS Addison Russell
                   Minor League career thru A - .369/.432/.594/1027

2011 – Univ. of Connecticut OF George Springer
                   2012 - A+:  .316/.398/.557/.955, 22-HR, 82-RBI

2010 – Georgia Tech P Deck McGuire
                   2012 – AA – 5-15, 5.88, 1.56

2009 – Capristrano Valley HS (CA) P Tyler Matzek
                   2012 – A+ - 6-8, 4.62, 1.61

2008 – South Carolina 1B Justin Smoak
          2012 – MLB – 19-HR, 51-RBI, .217

2007 – Ecole du Versant (Gatineau,QC)   P Phillip Aumont
          2012 – MLB – 0-1, 3.68, 1.27

2006 – Missouri P Max Scherzer
          2012 – MLB – 16-7, 3.74, 1.27

2005 – Fort Meade HS (FL) OF Andrew McCutchen
          2012 - .327/.400/.533/.953, 31-HR, 96-RBI 
2004 – Pine Richland HS C Neil Walker
                   .280/.342/.426/.768, 14-HR, 69-RBI

2003 – Tulane University 1B Michael Aubrey

2002 – Wheeler HS OF Jeremy Hermida
                   2012 – AAA - .252

2001 – Rice University P Kenny Baugh

2000 – Green Valley HS OF Dave Krynzel


Charles said...

There's been talk that the pick is cursed...

That's just BS, but I will say that after the whole Bourn debacle and the emphasis Alderson put on that 11th pick, I'd be really surprised if they reach for another H.S kid.

To me, with the extra eyes and media that's going to pay attention to their now famous 11th pick, they must take the best player available and damn the slot recommendation.

If Appel is there, he must be chosen.

If any A+ prospect falls, he must be chosen.

They can't leave a no brainer on the board and reach for another player that should have been taken 22nd or in Nimmo's case in the supplemental first round.

This player, for better or worse, will be the guy they refused to give up for Bourn in a time when they desperately needed an outfielder.

Herb G said...

They lost Bourn because they were unwilling to go the 5th year, not because of the 11th pick. It has, however, gained immortality due to all the hype surrounding it during the Bourn saga. I have a feeling that Sandy will not let the added visibility affect his selection. But I do hope that they go for the consensus best player available at the time, and I hope that the best player available is a college level position player, preferably a 5 tool outfielder.

Charles said...

No herb, it was both...

The option year was moot. Once the Indians offered a comparable contract, Bourn wasn't going to wait the two weeks it would've taken to see if the mets could keep the pick.

Their offer was conditional. If they would've lost the pick, he loses the offer. So to say it was the option year is completely wrong.

Mack Ade said...

I'm proud to say that Mack's Mets has led the way since 1995 in making the affiliates and the draft something fans know more about.

As for the 11th pick, I expect a reversal of Alderson's policy to under-slot early and I would think he will fall to the pressure of either an OFer or anther RHSP

Ryan Nodes said...

I'm thinking they draft Gavan Biggio at #11, sign him for underslot and pick up someone that is mocked to go in the 3rd or 4th round with the 2nd round picks, which they won't sign one of them and save the money instead, while consistently passing up on guys that are considered the best player available. Oh wait, the was the 2012 draft philosophy, when they passed up on guys like Lucas Giolito, Lance McCullers, Joey Gallo & Courtney Hawkins.

Anonymous said...


Under the new CBA any team that fails to sign any draftee in the first 10 rounds not only loses rights to that prospect but the slotting money is also removed from their overall pool. So you really CANNOT save pool money unless you underslot someone and they sign.

Anonymous said...

And they passed on Giolito due to injury concerns and McCullers due to signability issues. As for Gallo and Hawkins......beats me but lets not put Alderson's head on a stick until we see Nimmo in Double A

Mack Ade said...

I've got a couple of posts coming up you guys will enjoy on this subject

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