Introduction - Mack's Mets' Brant Rustich

For those who don't know me, my name is Brant Rustich, a former Met's pitcher who recently retired in the spring of 2012 due to an arm injury. I'm here to give an insiders perspective on the game I've dedicated most of my life to. I will not give personal information regarding other Mets players, coaches, staff or front office in writing for Macksmets.com, so please do not ask. I will be happy to share my own story and knowledge publicly in the best interest for everyone.

I have much respect for the Mets organization and I believe, internally, they are doing much better than it may seem on the outside. They are slowly improving the foundation that should help make for a stronger product on the field in the future. I always have my own opinions on what I think would make the professional game better, especially on the minor league side, and I will dive into that in the future.

I would like to have a Q and A section in the future to help answer any questions people may have on the professional game, player development, players prospectus, the draft, or anything else you may be interested in. However, still avoiding personal accounts and information of the players I have played along side, many of which reside on the big league roster.

I believe I have a lot of valuable information to share regarding the game itself, and especially the mental game.  I have learned a lot during my baseball career. Baseball has given me so much in my life, and I will always be connected to the game despite being unable to play.

 I will give my own story in my next blog post. My story is extensive, so I won't share everything, but I will try to touch base on how my career started, progressed, and ended.




Charles said...

Thanks Brant...

I hoped your arm issue would resolve; knowing just how good that arms was, and it saddened me when I heard of your retirement.

Looking forward to reading your posts and thanks for sharing a unique perspective with us.

Justin M. said...

Great pick-up for Mack's Mets. Should bring a unique perspective. Looking forward to reading your stuff, Brant.

Marc D. said...

Brant good to have you on board, Mack has a great eye for talent so I´m sure you are top of the line. What would make you say the Mets are headed in the right direction. All due respect there are 29 other orgs. that feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard Brant.

Would love to see an article on the art of pitching and the physics involved with throwing a curveball or slider.

Would be fun to hear and see how YOU threw breaking pitches.

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