2-20-13 – Justin Turner, Jeremy Hefner, Jordany Valdespin, 2014 Outfield, Reese Havens


Steve Adams of MLBTR pointed out that ESPN’s Adam Rubin has speculated that the Mets will be shopping IF Jason Turner and RP Jeremy Hefner. Both have one more option left. I’m not exactly sure that the Turner rumors continue after Daniel Murphy was sent back to New York for rehab. Debt is not the Mets strong point, especially in the infield. The Murphy injury sound like a week to ten day kind of rest and recovery, but we’ve been here before with Mets infielders. For now, Turner will fill in with players like Brandon Hicks, and Jordany Valdespin (possibly Josh Satin, who isn’t on the 40-man roster).

In a perfect world, Reese Havens would have been ready to take over and we might never see Murphy again (not that I’m wishing that), but the Havens draft pick just hasn’t developed. I’m very curious what the Mets are going to do come April with second base. Havens could wind up back in Binghamton, but it really is Danny Muno’s (.280 at A+) turn to play there.Then there’s Wilmer Flores, who really needs to start a conversion to second at AAA. So, where does Havens go?
As for Hefner, why would the Mets think they could get a player for someone they don’t even want themselves? It must have drove him crazy watching the Mets throw minor league contracts out to all the guys they brought in. Yeah, let’s sign four or five guys and then keep Hefner around until all the other teams have already figured out who their 40-man rosters are going to be? Nice.

It seems to me that teams evolve and the days of both Turner and Hefney playing in Queens might have played out.

Hi Mack, After a very long winter I can’t wait until the games start. I live in Sarasota Fl. and catch the St. Lucie club when they come to Bradenton. First series is April 12-14 and it looks like we'll have a great staff so it won’t matter which games I go to. Two questions for you:

I know TC's talking about Jordany Valdespin at 2nd base but why not try him in right field? He played there in winter ball and has more upside than any other OFer we have. Byrd just takes up space.....really don't get this one.

With the scarcity of outfield help next winter and that's if all those predicted don't sign wouldn't it be more prudent on our part to look for solid AA outfield prospects in exchange for our pitching surplus or are you thinking that they'll go for a big trade for a major league OFer? Yours is my favorite blog by far, keep up the great work. Thanks, Gary Seagren

Hi, Gary.

Regarding Valdespin, it’s confusing to me also because the announcement came before the Daniel Murphy injury. At that point the Mets didn’t need another second baseman and you would think the best place for Valdespin to compete in the spring would be the outfield.
I think you’re seeing Collins cave into veterans being added to the mix of many positions and this just may be his early downfall. Old guys usually play like old guys.

Regarding the 2014 outfield, all bets are off right now. You’re going down the right path and trades for guys like Johan Santana, John Buck, and Shaun Marcus could produce one or two AA/AAA prospect outfielders. In addition, members of the Binghamton and St. Lucie pitching staff will be ripe for picking by other clubs for the right exchange. I’m not exactly sure who on the current Mets team will survive this. Duda, due to his bat, probably has the best chance, and organizationally, den Dekker the best to rise.

Uh-oh… Reese Havens just stood around today and didn’t participate in batting practice. Here we go again…


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