2-25-13 – Jordany Valdespin, Jon Niese, Matt den Dekker, Mets-Michigan Highlights


Matt Harvey - 2 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 39 pitches (25 strikes)

Rafael Montero – 2.0-IP, 20-pitchers, 16-strikes, 92-93, 94

Mike Kerwick‏ - @mikekerwick
An NL talent evaluator who saw Wheeler yesterday and Harvey today said Harvey is better right now. "[But] not much. They're pretty close."

Hi Mack, Well I'm just off finally getting my "fix" of Mets baseball...damn, it was a LONG off season and a few points if I may. First can they PLEASE stop talking about Wheeler and D'Arnaud making the club out of spring training. Like were gonna lose a year of team control for a month in Vegas. Look, I know their chopping at the bit for these kids and I get it but let’s be real here. Second, I find it curious that both Niese and Spin got no love coming into the spring and I don't get it. Spin according to scouts had a good winter report and Niese had a breakthrough season last year and could be our opening day pitcher  I have NO expectations about Johan this year except dumping the salary whenever we can and that was before the no velocity thing). When you think about a Wheeler, Harvey, Niese top 3 it really gets you excited. Why Spin and Den Decker aren't talked about more maybe you could comment on. With Duda in left we HAVE to have a centerfielder who can cover the ground and he's our best defensive OF prospect and has speed and power, does he K a lot...who doesn't these days, but now is the time to try him out. Spin has by far the most overall talent and should be given every opportunity at second while Murph recovers and then try him in right. I like Byrd as a 4th or 5th but the kids should play. Thanks, Gary Seagren

                        Regarding Jordany Valdespin, it’s no big secret that no other Met wants to have a locker next to this guy. He sits there after every game intragraming, Facebooking, and Twittering pictures of himself. This is one seriously distorted guy who also has a problem with authority. There have been multiple suspensions in the minors plus multiple times that players in the major league clubhouse have had to pull him aside and read him the rules of the team decorum. He’s not going to change, but, as long as he can produce better than the other utility players around him, he’ll stay on the team. It’s really kind of sad because we will never know how talented he could have been if he allowed himself to be coached.

                        Regarding Jon Niese, I agree with you that most fans take Niese for granted. He’s a workhorse that just goes out there and does his job. Wheeler and Harvey are going to get most of the press and Syndergaard, Montero, and Tapia will be featured in posts by the minor league weenies. I think he will become a premier pitcher when he can settle into the SP4 role once Syndergaard comes aboard and matures. I think he’s a fine SP3 but he’d be a dominant SP4.

                        Regarding Matt den Dekker, dD has only two obstacles to climb before heading the Queens. One, he needs to stop getting off to such a slow start every time he’s promoted to a new level. Secondly, 343 strike outs in 1194 professional at-bats is simply unacceptable at any level. He’s get his turn, but not until he solves these two problems in his game.

            Collin Cowgill might as well take the rest of spring off. He went 2-2 in his second ST game, which included a walk, and RBI, a steal, and beating out a grounder to the whole for his last hit. It’s called “a Cowgill”. 7Train is, I’m sure, making the t-shirt as we speak. He had made the team.
             On the other side, Lucas Duda is really struggling with his new batting stance. It’s not that he’s striking out all the time… it’s that he’s striking out all the time so badly. This is the last thing you want to see happen to someone that needs a shot of confidence every day.

Regarding the Mets - University of Michigan Game:

                   Mets won 5-2

                   Jon Niese, Dillon Gee, Rafael Montero, Hansel Robles, and Carlos Torres pitched ... total 9-K, 3-BB, 8-H

                   2B/3B Wilmer Flores hit a home run

                   3B/SS Brandon Hicks went 2-3, 2-R

                   OF Marlon Byrd continued his 1.000 batting average, going 1-1.


Hobie said...

>> I think he’s [Niese] a fine SP3 but he’d be a dominant SP4. >>

Could you explain this? The synching of rotations to match up with opponent pitchers is pretty much a thing of the past. Wouldn’t breaking up a Harvey-Wheeler-Syndergaard salvo with a LHP trump who’s a “3 and who’s a “4?” To me, the “back end of the rotation” is simply the “5” who might get skipped with an off-day or rain-out to keep the others on a 5-day.

Mack Ade said...

I guess you're right

Anonymous said...

According to ML averages....Niese's 2012 season was actually a STRONG #3, average #2 caliber season.

A very underrated piece of our rotation

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