INJURY UPDATE - C - Brandon Brosher


I talked with Mets prospect catcher Brandon Brosher, who gave me an update on his injury this past season: 

"The broken fibula was true and the torn ACL is false. However, the injury was far greater than just a broken fibula. I also tore a ligament on the opposite side of my ankle as well as the the little ligaments that hold the tibia and fibula together. I had surgery early July and had a second surgery to take out some of the hardware. This was the last step in the recovery process. I've been healing great throughout this whole thing and now I'll just be focusing on gaining strength back and being ready to compete come spring. The injury shouldn't hinder me in any way."


Ernest Dove said...

Wow.....this young man is preparing to rock and roll and be ready in the spring. Love it !!!!! Wish him all the success in the world.

Anonymous said...

There's no way he'll fully recover by spring.

Mack Ade said...

How about a little optimism for the kid?

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with Mack...especially since "spring" games for him will start in mid-June - he definitely will be in short season.

Thanks for the update on him, Mack. Always hard to decipher the injury status of minor league guys due to the paucity of info bubbling out.

Good luck and full recovery, Brandon.

Brian Joura said...

Thanks for this update. Hopefully he can make it back because his bat seems very intriguing.

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