Morning Report – October 9 – System Evaluation – 2B


We move on to our look at the talent and depth within the Mets system, by position. In this case, second base.

Queens wise, the Mets 2014 second baseman represented the team in the all-star game, which says a lot for the quality of talent here. 

Not everyone thinks that Daniel Murphy will survive the Hot Stove season, due to a couple of factors. First, he will enter his ARB-3 year after being paid $5.7mil this season and estimates are he will have to be paid at least $8-9mil in 2014 (which happens to be the last year before he is eligible for free agency). 

Secondly, Mets officials and fans got a late peek at Murphy’s seemingly eventual replacement, Dilson Herrera (59-AB, .220, 3-HR, 11-RBI). In addition, Wilmer Flores has the ability to defensively play second base as well as Murphy. My guess is Flores will be moved to second if Murphy is moved in the off-season and Herrera will open at Vegas; however, if Murphy isn’t moved until the mid-season trading period, you will see Herrera join Flores as starting middle infielders in Queens.

(Let's remember something here... Herrera looks great so far, but he's far from being anointed with the future shortstop job for the rest of this decade)

Las Vegas wise, this was Danny Muno’s (359-AB, .259/.372/.418/.790) job this season, but it doesn’t look like he will be the 2015 starter. That will fall to Herrera and it’s only a guess at this point if the Mets would retain the services of Muno, who really only plays one position. 

I will say this… past Herrera, there are others pushing here and Tovar could easily settle into the system as the AAAA alternative, be shuffled back and forth to Binghamton depending upon need, and help stabilize the infield as the younger kids (Amed Rosario, Dominic Smith) rise through the system.

Binghamton wise, this was where Dilson Herrera (241-AB, .340) did most of his damage this season. Additionally, AAAA Wilfredo Tovar (255-AB, .282) continues to play second fiddle to players around him, but frankly, having players like him and Muno only stabilize a minor league system for a team. My guess, because of decisions that will be made out of St. Lucie that Tovar will remain a backup at two levels. And lastly, the Mets still haven’t figured out a proper position for T.J. Rivera. He played both 1B and 2B this season in Florida and, in 252 at-bats, hit .341.He also had 201 at-bats for AA-Binghamton and hit .358 there.

St. Lucie wise, RHH L.J. Mazzilli hit .312 in 250 at-bats here last season before getting five at-bats for Las Vegas. Ironically, he hit .335 (191-AB) against righties while only going .237 (59-AB) against lefties, his ‘natural’ opponent. He’ll play 2015 as a 25-year old and one could argue that he should open up with Binghamton, but what do you do with the All-Star Rivera and Herrera? The Mets have to be thrilled with his offense output but I guess he stays behind in Florida and plays again for St. Lucie come opening day.

Savannah wise, there will be no one pushing the three upper levels come opening day. Mazzilli played here for the first half of the season. Additional second basemen were Jonathan Johnson (101-AB, .238) and Jorge Rivero (268-AB, .235).

Just guessing here… opening day starters will be AAA: Herrera, AA: Rivera, A+: Mazilli, A: TBD

Brooklyn wise, it was actually more dismal than the second half of Savannah… William Fulmer (71-AB, .197), Anthony Chavez (94-AB, .170) and Dimas Ponce (55-AB, .109) were three of the four lowest ranked Cyclone hitters.

Kingsport played Branden Kaupe (123-AB, .260) and Leon Canelon (101-AB, .178).

The GCL Mets featured 2014’s 40th round pick, Dale Burdick (94-AB, .170).

The DSL teams featured Franklin Correa (177-AB, .260) and Miquel Palino (175-AB, .263).

Overall Observation – Yes, the lower levels do look a little void of results, but these are young kids and still have plenty of time to blossom; however, if they don’t, we’re ‘stuck’ with the combination of Murphy, Herrera, Flores, Rivera, and Mazzilli. This is a bunch of talent for one position and should sustain this team well into the next decade.

My guess is that the Mets will fast track Mazzilli, who is easily old enough to open up in Binghamton.

Everything here depends upon the direction of the off-season. I go back and forth here between a 'B' rating and the one I have here:

Overall Rating:  Incomplete


Thomas Brennan said...

Boy, tough middle infield decisions at the high levels, including the Flushing team. A real logjam. It is a big reason those top 3 teams finished so far above .500.

And you are right about the lower minors. Very little talent bubbling up at 2B down in guppy land. Kaupe looks like the best of a weak bunch.

I like Muno a lot, as you know, and I think he'll have a terrific 2015 year in Vegas if he plays every day. Who knows what his eventual major league future has in store. IMO, he will be a utility guy/possible starter for some team in 2016.

I can see Mets keeping Murphy til mid-season, to really give Dilson time to show he is ready to really contribute at the major league level. That would compress everyone else.

One possible 2B not listed (I'm sure you have him in your upcoming SS list) is Matt Reynolds, too. Another is Jeff McNeil. Logjam, plain and simple.

My guess is besides Herrera, Mazzilli, Muno, Reynolds, and Tovar have major league futures in some capacity. Rivera and McNeil maybe.

Seven guys.

Hobie said...

Well, David in LF and Murphy at 3B, would loosen the log jam a little.

Yeah, I know.

Lew Rhodes said...

Wright's not moving - Murphy moving to a super-utility role where he can play 1b,2b, 3b and in a pinch LF would free the log jam a lot also and is a better use of talent - he can spell DW at least once a week.

Mack - you should include Reynolds in 2b discussions here as well - he is a SS, but I keep reading that his defense there is average at best and he could end up at 2B.

And also - regarding lower minors, a lot of young shortstops end up moving to 2b in the long term, I think usually low level minors are weak atn 2b because it is a position players move too when they can't hack others.

Lastly, with young upper level talent (Flores, Reynolds, Herrera, etc.) there is a low need of talent in the low minors - we should be covered for the next 4-5 years.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -
The problem for Muno may be getting at bats past the DH in games they play against AL teams

Mack Ade said...

Lew -

I seem to remember talking to him in Savannah and he told me he's an old third baseman

John Zozo said...

I think we should do a trade with the skanks. We send them Granderson, Murphy and Colon for Beltran and some minor leaguers? I think they may have soured on Beltran and they know Grandersons bat plays extremely well in their stadium. They need pitching and a 2nd/ 3rd basemen.
We need to free us up of some money and they are probably only one of the only teams that could take on some $$$.
I think we should be able to get a decent minor leaguer back in return from them for this package.
I think it helps both teams extremely well. What do you guys think?

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -


Which one?

Wow,I never thought I'd hear that name again.

John Zozo said...

I rather have him for 1 year then grandy for 3. Plus he is more of middle of the order type hitter. Even if we don't get much back, we get out of that albatross contract.
I would gladly take this years version over Granderson. Even if you get 81 games out of him, we will be able to give MDD, Campbell and Puello some at bats. And see what we got going forward

Hobie said...

Jo Zo--

I'm sold (Judge & Banuelos?).

Then go after Y.Tomas.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -


I just don't see a market for Grandy's contract

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