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Nach's Notes...

* First off, its great to be back. Now, lets get cooking. The Mets are an utter disgrace. The fact that Joe Maddon, one of the most innovative, intelligent and colorful managers in baseball was a free agent, and the Mets neglected to even bring him in for a PAID dinner and a "get to know you" shows that this team is lightyears away from being a consistent playoff contender. Terry Collins is probably a good guy, is well respected but this is JOE MADDON. He makes a difference and would've shown that this is the time, the team, and the Mets that fans are going to want to go to the ball park for. He would've made for an exciting start to the offseason, it would've gave fans something to talk about while Sandy worked the phones trying to land a big bat for left field.

* Speaking of left field, Michael Cuddyer hit it rich huh? He's clearly not a 15.3 million dollar per year player, nor worth an first round draft pick as a free agent. He'd be silly not to put his signature on that contract and run to the bank. He'd be making a huge mistake to try and sign with another team, probably solidifying the fact that he wouldn't debut until after the June draft. Bad news for the Mets but honestly, I saw Cuddyer as the reincarnation of Moises Alou. Could be a blessing in disguise.

* Hopefully Lucas Duda reads us because this message goes out to him... Hey Lucas, do yourself a favor and hire a left handed batting practice pitcher. All winter, hit nothing but your private left handed pitcher. Get so comfortable that you can hit lefties in your sleep. Next years a big year for you to show that you're more then some platoon player.

*If anyone gets a chance, do yourself a favor and check out www.nyfinestbaseball.com  and grab yourself a hoodie or t shirt. If you're interested, email me directly:  anthony.carnacchio@gmail.com  as any merchandise purchased helps us to offset any fundraising costs we have throughout the season. Go Finest!


Steve from Norfolk said...

That Joe Maddon - Cubs deal had tampering written all over it. For it to clost THAT quickly after he opted out-come on. No one else had a chance to get in there.

Mack Ade said...

Welcome back

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