Wilmer Flores Probably Earns A Job


The 23-year-old Flores entered the season with big questions about his defense, but the Mets are saying it has improved enough to stick at shortstop. In a too-small sample (443 innings), Flores’ defense was rated as a positive. He certainly looks ugly visually, but so does Jhonny Peralta. For those who don’t know, UZR has ranked Peralta as among the best defensemen in three of the last four seasons. Another not-so-smooth slick fielder who comes to mind is Chase Utley. It’s not ludicrous to allow the possibility that Flores might play a passable shortstop without ever looking good at it.



Thomas Brennan said...

Wilmer needs to take ballroom dancing in the off season so he not only will field good in 2015, he'll look good doing it.

Reese Kaplan said...

Yet here I sit in the LA Airport awaiting my flight to Sydney and all I see are articles about how it would be so smart for the Mets to go after Alexei Ramirez.

Let me get this straight...a guy who might hit 10-15 HRs and bat .270 is a GOOD investment of $10 million plus whatever it would take to acquire him? Wouldn't Flores provide that much at minimum wage? Granted, Ramirez can run and field better but I think the offense from Flores would be even better and I would like that PLUS the money/trade chips used for a corner outfielder.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -


I just wrote the opposite for Saturday's Morning Report

eraff said...

Ramirez is a Gold Glover...a proven hitter....he steals 20-30 bases a year.

The Mets have a defensive Sand Trap through the middle, Plus Duda at 1st and Cuddyer at an OF slot---that's a lot of Missing Outs on defense.

Flores is unproven...and I'm hopeful...but playing him next to Murphy in the middle of the field...on a Pitching Dependent (YOUNG Pitchers) low offensive Margin Team...?????

Fellas---that's not gonna work for winning. The team is better, but you can't win with that.

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