DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor league Results - 7-15-15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor league Results - 7-15-15


 STARS OF THE DAY: Martirez Arias, Dash Winningham

HONORABLE MENTION: Chris Flexen makes a huge stride in his return from TJS. Phil Evans, with 2 hits in each of his last 5 games, is suddenly smoking.



Binghamton  - ALL STAR BREAK

St Lucie 2  - Dunedin 0

Savannah  - Asheville postponed

Brooklyn 2 - Staten Island 3

Kingsport 3 - Princeton 8

GCL Mets  5 - Cardinals 4

DSL METS 1.  Yankees - DNP, or they failed to list results.

DSL METS 2.   8 - Pirates 5

Las Vegas DNP

Binghamton DNP

St Lucie won a pitcher's duel with 7 shutout innings from Martirez Arias in his St Loo debut.  Keep an eye on him.

Dom Smith had 2 hits, as did Phil Evan for the 5th straight game, raising his average rapidly to .228.

Savannah was rained out.

Brooklyn got fine pitching from Andrew Church (1 unearned run in 5 innings) and Blake Taylor (4 IP, 1 R), but Carlos Valdez lost it in the 10th on another weak scoring night.  The Cyclones are hitting .221.

Kingsport's Harol Gonzalez surrendered 3 long balls, and Taylor Henry allowed the final 3 runs in relief.  

Dash Winningham had a walk and 3 hits, including his 5th HR, and now already has 17 RBIs while hitting nearly .300.

GCL Mets win it despite allowing 2 runs to the Cards in the bottom of the ninth to turn a 3 run cushion into a 1 run nailbiter win.

Chris Flexen took a major stride forward in his comeback from TJS: 3 innings of 1 hit, 3 K, shutout ball. Ivan Wilson avoided the K bug today and contributed a hit and a walk.

 DSL METS 2: Five runs in the 6th, 3 more in the seventh, and 2 hitless innings for another Misael Familia save.  Familia is 4-2, 1.52, only 11 hits in 23.2 IP, 26 Ks.  Three unearned Mets runs provided the margin of victory.

 GOAT: Harol Gonzalez


Ernest Dove said...

Does anybody have more info on Dash Winningham?
I think I just remember him being discussed as another one of those high risk high reward high school kids with power potential at time of draft.

Thomas Brennan said...

I do not, but others can weigh in if they know on the human Dashboard.

So far in his career, especially given his age, he has shown the best power in the Lower minors, strikeouts not excessive, and a knack for driving in runs (53 in just 247 career at bats). So far, so very good.

He was an 8th rounder coming out of high school, with a lack of speed likely to leave him at 1B (or DH, should the NL adopt that over the next few years). But I LOVE DRAFTING POWER GUYS. Glad they picked him. If Smith isn't our future 1B, Dash could possibly replace Lucas Duda in 2019. Duda, who was 3 years older than Dash was when drafted (Duda was drafted in the 7th round in 2007 at age 21), will be 33 then.

Christopher Soto said...

Morning Guys....In regards to Winningham, here is what I have.

He has some outstanding power, especially to his pull side, and his swing has outstanding hip rotation and a good weight transfer, allowing him to use all of that strength. In terms of RAW POWER, he could push a 65-70 grade here.

That said his Game Power is another story. His hands are pretty slow through the zone and he doesn't have good bat speed. He can get beat on inside pitches pretty regularly. He also has some moving parts in his stance which can make him vurnable to good off-speed stuff. He's not exactly your typical "athlete".

However, if he can shorten that swing up, while still maintaining that brute strength of his....you could have yourself another Lucas Duda here.

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