The Cyclones & Their Lack of Lefties

During the Brooklyn Cyclones loss last night to the Staten Island Yankees, a huge flaw in the lineup really got under my skin.

There are no left handed batters on this team that play on a regular basis.

When the roster was released in mid June, I noted how the team had no lefties and 2 switch hitters, Branden Kaupe and Jose Garcia. At the time, I figured that the Mets would assign lefties eventually, either once they signed or they were ready.

In the time since, Kaupe became a RH batter and Jose Garcia became a full LH batter. However, with the addition of Brandon Brosher to the Cyclones, Garcia has seen a drop in playing time and is nursing an injury

So, the Mets have managed to build a minor league team without a LH batter in the everyday lineup.

It is not like the Mets have a deficiency in LHBs throughout the organization. There are 15 LHBs assigned to the GCL Mets, the Kingsport Mets & the Savannah Sand Gnats.

In my opinion, the best way to fix this issue to is to bring in an OF who is also LH, as the Cyclones also have a deficiency in LF.

The GCL Mets have an OF named Ricardo Cespedes who hits left handed. However, he is 17 years old. I would leave him be.

In Kingsport, they have lefties.

They have a 19 year old 1B named Dash Winningham. He is hitting .295 and has 5 HRs. He isn't a bad option, as the Cyclones could move Jeff Diehl to LF and platoon Winningham at 1B with Zach Mathieu.

Kevin Kaczmarski is a LF who is currently hitting .304 with the KMets. He is 23 and in his 1st year with the Mets, so he is capable of playing SSA Ball. I think the Mets should move him up.

Raphael Ramirez is a CF who bats LH. However, he is 19 and he isn't hitting as well as Winningham or Kaczmarski.

Taking a a guy from the Savannah Sand Gnats is usually not the best option in my opinion, as it is not good for their development.

However, I think assigning Joe Tuschak from Savannah to Brooklyn would be a useful move, once he gets off the 7-day DL. It would give Brooklyn a LF and a LHB. Tuschak isn't an everyday player and is also not cutting it in the SAL, as he is hitting .179.



Hobie said...

Yes, please bump up Kevin Kacz.

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree on Kaz being promoted to Bklyn.

I'd want Dash Winningham playing every day, as he is showing much promise as a possible top power prospect, so unless he went to Brooklyn full time, I'd leave him in K Port to develop for a while.

Metsiac said...

Where is Desmond Lindsay, our top draft pick? I'm pretty sure I read that he signed, but apparently he hasn't played. He bats RH, but if he went to GCL or Kpt then one of their lefties could be promoted.

Is he hurt?

Christopher Soto said...


He has been assigned to the Gulf Coast League Mets. He has not reported yet though as he is spending time with the family saying his goodbyes.

Much like Conforto did last year.

Adam Smith said...

This is an interesting piece, a good angle and well written and thought out. I agree that Dash needs to play every day, wherever he is. Kaz does seem like the logical choice. He's supposedly a fringy prospect, but a legit college hitter, and is clearly old enough to make the jump this early.

As to Lindsay, I believe that he missed significant time this year with a hamstring injury. I wouldn't be surprised if the team is allowing him more time to report to make sure that the hammy is fully healed when he arrives.

Thomas Brennan said...

Nimmo had just 38 at bats when he signed in 2011. Let's hope Lindsay at least does that.

I will add, Cowbell, that your fine "no lefties" article makes it clearer why they are hitting just .221. Balance would help.

Metsiac said...

I don't know Conforto's time frame, but it seems to me that once signed, a player is anxious to start his career. A little voice in my head keeps telling me that a player who takes his time to report isn't very motivated. Unless there's a family problem he needs to deal with, it doesn't make me happy.

Brooklyn Cowbell Guy said...

@Thomas If I were a LHP & facing Brooklyn, I would encourage my manager to let the righties pitch.

Thomas Brennan said...

Cowbell: It is weird Bklyn having no lefties; I am lefty and would be happy to step in there. It would have to be a 3 for 1 deal, as I am 3 times as old as they are, but I am confident I can get it done and give the line up some needed balance, even though I myself am a bit imbalanced. If Bartolo can hit so can I. LOL.

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